Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy News Monday Kurt Warner

What a classy guy.
Just when you think athletes are overpaid.,( I live in Yankee country!) they go and do something like this.
I actually am speechless. That's hard to do.
We put athletes on pedestals. Not really sure why. But we do. They fall off them on a regular basis.
It is heartwarming to know that there are athletes who have a heart. Who have class. Who care about someone other than themselves. And what an example he can be for children. I wish this story had been on the front page of the NY Times. We could all use some good news.
I once had a stranger at a diner of Route 80 in PA buy me a piece of pie. I was pretty strung out from driving in a snow storm. I stopped at this diner for a piece of pie and to rest. When I went to pay for the pie and the soda, the waitress told me some trucker had already taken care of it. I must have looked pretty bad.
It creeped me out a litte, but since there was no one waiting for me at my car it filled me with a warm feeling.
Has anyone done anything like that for you?

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