Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy News Monday - Animals

Animals reaching out to troubled kids.

This is a picture of my dog as a puppy. He's almost as cute as this now. He has big maple syrup eyes. I didn't really want a dog, but everyone else did. I sometimes don't like him, but I always love him. (Gee sounds like my husband.)
Anyway, when my father died last year it took a few weeks for it to really hit me. My dog knew it before I did. Normally we live a peaceful existence during the day. Once the kids go off to school, I get on the computer and he goes to sleep in my bedroom. He doesn't usually stir unless I do.
Well this day he was glued to my side. That's when it hit me. I was finally mourning. He knew it. He has this way of putting his head on your lap and looking up at you and wagging his tail. It's hard to resist, but as I'm allergic to dogs, I can't really pet him.
Studies have shown that having a pet lowers your blood pressure. Even just petting an animal can help.
And there are times when I break down and pet him and make sure I wash my hands right afterward. And I do feel better.
How can you not when there is unconditional love?
What kind of pet do you have?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog! It's a shame you can't pet him very often, he sounds as though he deserves LOTS and LOTS of affection!

We have 3 orphaned girls. They're all wonderful in their own unique ways. My life has always been filled with dogs and I can't imagine it any other way. :)

Gayle Carline said...

Geez, it's too bad you can't stick your nose into his fur and smooch on him - dogs are great for that. We have a Corgi named Mikey. He is completely bonded to me and follows me everywhere around the house. He's not supposed to get on the furniture, but he looks so darned cute laying on the couch with his head on the pillow, I can't yell at him.

I also own two Quarter horses. The baby, 4, is a big goofball, but his mom, Frostie, and I have a special relationship. I could stand and stroke her neck for hours, really enjoying the silence.

Animals are just the best.