Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Word Wednesday - Intimation

intimation \in-tuh-MAY-shuhn\, noun:
an indirect or slight suggestion; hint

I often use this word. It’s one that when I do use it around non-writers they ask me what it means.

Some words people can figure out in context. I guess this isn’t one of them. I’m also asked to spell it by some wiseacres. I can. I can spell lots of words.

I’ve found in dealing with men, you don’t intimate. You tell them directly. Other women will pick up hints. Men will not. After I’ve been with women for a few hours, I go home and talk that way to the men in my house. Often my husband will just ask me what I want him to do.
It’s a good strategy on his part. I then get back to manspeak and we all can understand each other.

This is one of those words that sound dirty, but isn’t. Though an intimation can be for something dirty.

What was the last thing you intimated?


Melinda Leigh said...


Here's an example of how to use intimation with your man:

- find own desired xmas gift
- wave catalog in man's face
- leave catalog on man's desk
- circle desired item in red ink

If your man grunts and simultaneously shifts his gaze from the big screen and his current Call of Duty match, he has probably gotten the "hint."

Use anything more subtle than that and you who knows what you'll get.

Titania Ladley said...

Hi, Chris! *waving and grinning*

Well, let's see, I didn't intimate my feelings on shopping, did I? LMAO!

Heehee, manspeak---love the way, intimated that one. ;)

Great post! I like the "Word Wednesday" concept. Very fun.


Chris Redding said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by. Interesting concept about intimation with a man.