Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book Review Tuesday - Triple Exposure

This wasn't the book I planned on reviewing today. I forgot the other one would come via media mail.
I just finished Triple Exposure by Colleen Thompson. This was a freebie I received at a conference, but I have to say I wouldn't have minded if I'd paid for it. And in doing research, I found out she has more books out.
I'm not loyal to too many authors. I find because of the pressure to crank them out, the quality can be questionable.
Triple Exposure follows the story of photographer Rachel Copeland after she returns home to Texas. She's be acquitted of murdering a young stalker. Part of the action is a loner named Zeke Pike. No one knows where he came from or where he's been. We later find out he has a past also.
Rachel comes home other father, a pilot who runs a glider operation, and her stepmother who runs a diner. This town is where Rachel grew up so there is the usual baggage that accompanies going home.
Soon strange accidents begin to happen and lest I give away too much of the story I won't go any further.
Suffice it to say that there were enought twists and turns that I was very surprised by the ending. That's hard to do since I write romantic suspense.
When I am through my current TBR pile I will definitely look for another Colleen Thompson book.

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Ciara Gold said...

And she's a really nice person too. She's in my RWA chapter and is always willing to guide newbie authors along with great advice and support.