Friday, March 20, 2009

Hot Hunk Friday - Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian is going to be on a Lifetime movie with Lee Ann Rimes. Northern Lights. I knew he looked familiar, but could not place him.
He played Justin's coach on Ugly Betty last season. Not an overall nice character. He was cheating on his wife with Justin's mom.
But oh does he look good with his shirt off.
He would be someone I'd stare at in a bar and would never walk up to.
He couldn't be more out of most women's leagues if he tried.
I didn't read the Nora Roberts book the movie is based on so I don't know if I would have chosen him. As authors, if we have our book put on the big or the small screen, I think we need to let go of things. Unless we get creative input it is going to be someone else's vision of the book.
But I'm sure readers have different visions of books than the writer intended.
I make a practice of not watching the movie of a book I liked. It ruins it for me.
Being a writer I have a very vivid imagination so I have a clear picture in my head of any book, not just my own.
So to see how someone else interpreted it is odd for me.
Do you watch movies of books you loved?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I watch movies of books I've loved. It's a different experience. Take David Lean's 1947 Great Expectations, delete the Hollywood ending and you have Dickens in a mirror.