Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Word Wednesday - Laudable

laudable \LAW-duh-bul\, adjective:
Worthy of praise; commendable.

Does everyone in life do something laudable?

It depends. I think our culture now rewards you for just trying. Kids get a trophy for just showing up. One of the reasons I love that my younger son is involved in 4-H is that he isn't praised just for showing up. There are requirements. You must do two community service projects each year. You must catalog how you take care of your animal. He has to make a presentation this week on a subject of his choice. He's learning something and that is laudable.

I think the way I've raised my kids is laudable, but time will tell.

I don't think everything deserves praise. I think some things deserve recognition. If you have a good idea you should get credit. If you idea cures cancer, then you should be praised.

Am I making sense? Do I think I've done anything else laudable?

Not really sure.

What about you? Have you done something laudable?

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