Thursday, June 4, 2009

Landmark in a kid's life

My son is spending his first night away from home tonight. 8th grade field trip to Hershey Park.
They are having a semi-formal dinner dance tonight. He has a tie that my dh tied for him and he just has to slip over his head. I hope someone takes a pic of him. He's probably going to look handsome.
And just like my husband. They are the same shape so it is startling sometimes to see my son dressed up.
Am I okay?
Actually yes.
It's the parting and the prep that gets me nutty. I woke up at 12:30 this morning hoping I had thought of everything he should have packed.
Then I remembered, he forgot his goggles. I didn't want to disturb my husband so I went into the bathroom (here's the part of the story a medic friend of mine's mind took into the gutter. Use your imagination.) All I had to write with was blue eye liner on a piece of bookmark. So I did. I was able to remember his goggles.
I've been nuts all week. A concert that we had to buy shoes for that my other son will only wear once. A DARE graduation that I now cannot attend because of inclement weather. Primary voting. This trip for my son. And Saturday is a big event at work for me. We're teaching over 100 people CPR. This was my idea. Yikes!
And the stress of having my first born away from home without family.
But now that he's gone I'm okay. I hugged him before we left for school this morning. That way I didn't do it in public. He is 14 after all.
But it makes me wonder how I will deal with him going off to college.
Do you remember the first time your first child went away?

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