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Taming Icarus

By Angelique Voisen

Taming Icarus In the alternative world of New Furor, there are the rubes and the Spectrum Wielders, gifted men and women capable of wielding great magic with jewels. Chris Skinner, Icarus, unfortunately belongs to a Spectrum class born and bred for service. She also belongs to an abusive Spectrum Wielder who would do anything to avenge her dead sister, even if it destroys Chris and herself in the process.

Chris’ owner leaves a reckless trail of vengeance, triggering a confrontation with two of the city’s powerful enforcers. Gus Terrel and Iris Donovan are unlike any Spectrum Wielders Chris has ever met. They only have one interest, and its not taking Chris’s owner into custody. They want Chris badly, but Chris distrusts their intentions. Why anyone would want second-hand property is beyond her. Acquiring their third is harder than Gus and Iris ever imagined, but they would do whatever it takes to make Chris exclusively theirs…no matter the cost.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Without the annoying obstruction of fabric, her body was even more aware of Iris’s confident and roaming hands. Hands that were usually so gentle had become firm and heavy, hell-bent on exploring every inch of her. Iris’s own powerful, domineering violet energy mingled with every press, imprinting itself on Chris and making her skin tingle as every inch of her roused. Mine, Iris’s hands seemed to whisper. Mine.

Chris shuddered. She could voice no resistance. Every part of her agreed with those hands.

It was a slow and terrible tease, and it was becoming very hard for Chris to concentrate, especially with Iris looking at her intently and watching her every reaction.

“I want you to look at something, Chris,” Iris spoke, but Chris could barely follow her words.

She was still dazed from the kiss and from her tormented body. What she wanted was for the other woman to continue. To fondle her breasts, maybe slip in between her legs. Hell, her underwear was soaked by now.

Iris looked amused. Her hand grasped Chris’s hair and directed Chris’s attention to another direction. Gus now stood in front of them. Chris helplessly looked up his still slick body at the hard muscles of his chest.

Her eyes then widened. She didn’t realize he had a tattoo of his own. The intricate scales of a serpent curled over his left shoulder and coiled around his waist. Around it bloomed delicate, small flowers. The flowers reminded Chris of the storm of violet petals of Iris’s assault spell. Were the flowers a reminder of his partner?

But it was not his chest that Iris was pointing at. It was his hard and fully erect cock. The towel that covered his waist was nowhere in sight.

When he saw Chris looking at it, he smiled. “You want this in you, Familiar?” he asked bluntly.

To tell the truth, Chris didn’t really have many positive sexual experiences. Sex was an add-on, a quick distraction whenever her previous owners were bored. It never used to mean anything. Until now.

She wondered if it was her own desire that made her nod in agreement, or if it was also amplified by Iris’s desire as well. The three of them were inextricably bound now, bound in an indescribable and profound way than she had never had with her other keepers, and it was about time Chris stopped running.

About Angelique Voisen:

Angelique Voisen writes fantasy and paranormal erotic romances with a particular focus on LGBTQ pairings and ménages. Stories set in exotic worlds with blades, kinky magic and happily-ever-after endings.

In the day world, Angel writes for a trade magazine. She is a recovering red bull addict, an alt rock fan, a keto advocate and currently lives in Singapore. You can contact Angel at or visit her blog at

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Publishing Vs. Amazon

I thought this was hilarious.

From Insatiable Book Sluts

Act I:

Amazon: Hey Publishing, we just invented a new thing that we think you’ll like. You know how after you make a book you have to pay a buttload of money to get it all printed and shipped and stuff? We figured out a way that you could not have to pay all that money and still sell lots of books.


Read the rest.

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Thomas M. Malafarina


Thomas M. Malafarina ( is an author of horror fiction from Berks County, Pennsylvania. To date he has published five horror novels “Ninety-Nine Souls”, "Burn Phone", “Eye Contact” , “Fallen Stones” and “Dead Kill – Book 1 – The Ridge of Death”, as well as five collections of horror short stories; “Thirteen Nasty Endings”, "Gallery Of Horror", “Malafarina Maleficarum Vol. 1”, Malafarina Maleficarum Vol. 2”, “Ghost Shadows” and most recently “Undead Living”. He has also published a book of often strange single panel cartoons called "Yes I Smelled It Too; Cartoons For The Slightly Off Center". All of his books have been published through Sunbury Press.(

In addition, many of Thomas's works have appeared in dozens of short story Anthologies and e-magazines. Some have also been produced and presented for internet podcasts as well. Thomas is best known for the twists and surprises in his stories and his descriptive often gory passages have given him the reputation of being one who paints with words. Thomas is also an artist, musician, singer and songwriter.

Short Blurb about Dead Kill Book 1: The Ridge Of Death

The year is 2053. It’s been ten years since the long anticipated zombie apocalypse arrived with a vengeance and wiped out more than half of humanity. However, not only did the humans manage to survive but they also succeeded in destroying the seemingly countless hoards of the undead and regained their rightful place at the top of the food chain. Now living safely in fortified towns and cities humans go about their daily lives with little concern for the greatly reduced numbers of undead remaining in the unprotected outlands and forests. These creatures have been reduced to roadside nuisances albeit it deadly ones.

Jackson Ridge, a freelance reporter has been given the assignment of finding a missing young girl believed to have been kidnapped by a psychopathic leader of a gang of rogue outlanders. Dead Kill Book 1 – The Ridge Of Death is the first in a series of books planned to take place in this strange new post-apocalyptic world. It is chocked full of action, mystery, thrills, intrigue and of course just the right amount of violence and gore zombie-based novel readers crave.

Excerpt from Dead Kill Book 1: The Ridge Of Death

The beast stood by the side of the road, looking around; as if it had no particular purpose, which seemed to be typical of all of these creatures.

“This one shouldn’t be too tough to handle.” Jackson thought as he pulled his car to a stop directly across the highway from the hulking beast. Never taking his eyes off the creature, Jackson eased the driver’s side window down as the huge grotesque monstrosity began to lumber slowly out onto the highway heading in his direction.

Jackson extended his arm out of the window to prevent the deafening roar his gun would surely have made if fired from inside the confines of the car and without hesitation fired once. The bullet tore past the left side of the creature’s head, ripping off the top of its left ear and leaving in its wake a smoldering groove in the side of its cheek and hairline. The thing stopped for a moment as if confused, and then it slowly shook off the sensation as a living human might shake off the feeling of being brushed by a fly. Then it continued its advance toward Jackson’s car.

He shot again and the bullet struck the lumbering creature in the left shoulder. Jackson saw a spray of blood and flesh shoot from beast, as an exit wound hole the size of a baseball blew out from its back. The impact of the round caused the thing to stumble back a few steps and almost lose its balance. But it soon shook off that hit as well and was once again heading straight for Jackson.

Jackson took aim trying to keep his now trembling hand steady. He realized if this round missed he was going to have to hit the gas and speed away before the creature got to him. But when Jackson pulled the trigger this last time the bullet found its mark, entering the thing’s head via its left eye, passing through its rotting brain and exploding out the back of its skull in a shower of gore. The force of the blast knocked the beast backward. And this time it did lose its balance as its single working arm pin-wheeled as if it were trying to keep itself upright; but it was far too late for that. Then the monster collapsed in a convenient heap onto the side of the road.

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Author Rock Star Roundup

I missed doing this last week. Many deadlines.

Hugh Howey is talking about how publishing analysts get it wrong.

When Buddha wanted to show his followers the danger of subjective experience, he told them the story of several blind men who each encounter an elephant for the first time. Only feeling one part of this multi-faceted creature, each had a very different account. To anyone listening, they would think it impossible to believe that all the men were describing the same creature. And I feel something like this is going on with publishing right now.

Hugh Howey

Bob Mayer talks about surviving an earthquake.

While every year people on Florida worriedly follow the weather channel and track hurricanes, people in California, Oregon and Washington rarely check on the earthquake likelihood. There is a 62% chance San Francisco will have a 6.7 or worse earthquake by the year 2032. My friend, the bookie wouldn’t advise you to bet the under.

Read more here.

The Hachette Job. Enough said, from J. A. Konrath.

William Ockham linked to Lagadere-Hachette's Investor Day Presentation Brochure from May 28 on Twitter.

(Note that this presentation came after Amazon stopped stocking Hachette titles and removed pre-order buttons. So all of these things were said to investors while Hachette was in the midst of negotiations with Amazon.)


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Dark Velvet

Lisa Carlisle
Book Blurb:

Grad student Savannah Evans is thrilled to be accepted as a resident to a prestigious art colony. Where else would she be able to focus on her craft of writing poetry in a setting like that of the medieval-styled castle? The remote New England island is a respite from her hectic city life. When she meets her benefactor, a mysterious French sculptor, her expectations for carefree days writing near the ocean are distracted by unprofessional fantasies about her sponsor.

Antoine Chevalier built Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche Island to bring purpose back to an

existence that has lost meaning. He’s wandered the earth for decades and finds solace in returning to art. When Savannah applies for a residency, something about her words touches him. After her arrival, a physical attraction grows between them, which he struggles against. She deserves more than someone of his kind.

Antoine proposes they become lovers during her stay. But the situation turns complicated when Savannah discovers his secret. She had suspicions about his identity, but finds the truth overwhelming. Consumed by her desire for Antoine and faced with a tough decision, she is blind to the danger that has arrived at DeRoche Island.

A New Adult Erotic Romance
Paranormal / gargoyle / vampire / shapeshifter

Purchase Links:

Savannah’s fingers traced the cool marble of the god’s muscular back and then the definition in his arm as he drew an arrow to shoot. She pictured Antoine bent over the sculpture, brows furrowed in concentration, losing sense of time as he polished each portion to perfection.

“Do you like this?” A deep voice whispering in her ear startled her.

She jumped at the sound of his voice, bumping back into his hard chest, and he caught her upper arms to steady her. Only one man in the castle spoke in that smooth French accent—the sculptor himself.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Antoine.” She fumbled taking a half step forward, away from him. “I shouldn’t have touched it.”

“No, don’t apologize.” He let go of her arms, but his warm breath tickled her ear.

He took her hand, caressing her palm, which sent tingles up her arm. Her bottom lip quivered as he brought her fingers to rest again on the marble piece. She thanked the gods he remained behind her so he couldn’t witness her nervous reaction, and she bit her lip to halt the tremors. This was not the way for a young protégée to behave in front of her benefactor. He owned the castle, created the art colony here where she was attending on a poetry scholarship—she shouldn’t go gaga simply from his touch. Which was exactly what she was doing.

“It pleases me that you appreciate my work.” Leading her fingers down the figure’s chiseled chest, he leaned in closer and added, “I liked watching you admire it.”

His voice alone sent flames rippling through her. Every nerve in her being lit with awareness in reaction to him. In the months since they’d met, they’d never been alone in such proximity. Weeks of heated looks from afar had inflamed her desire so the slightest touch became intimate, strengthening her need for more.

Sounds of approaching voices indicated this evening’s performance in the chateau would soon begin. Several of the musicians in the art colony had collaborated on orchestral pieces they wanted to play in front of an audience for the first time. As fellow artists in residence, they sought the support of fellow residents.

Antoine kissed her hand like a suitor in a bygone era. “I hope you enjoy the concert, Savannah.”

Her lips parted, opening and closing like a fish while she thought of what to say. When she mustered up the courage to turn and face him, he had already left the room, filling her with both relief and disappointment. Unaware she’d been holding her breath, she exhaled deeply.


“Dark Velvet has a dark eroticism that makes you want to be Savannah. It is a book that is a good, quick and darkly thrilling read.”

“…insanely hot chemistry between the female protagonist Savannah & vampire Antoine. Their intensity starts off right away and you’re not a chapter in before it takes off like a rocket!”

“Sexy, dark, full of intrigue, art, and paranormal sexiness, Dark Velvet has it all in one hot package!”

“An Enchanting Story, as rich and sexy as Dark Velvet - This is a seductive Gothic tale that will draw you in from the first page.”

Lisa Carlisle
Dark heroes, spirited heroines, scorching stories
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Intimate Danger

When FBI agent Trent Rossi arrives to investigate a chain of crimes—devastating murders and violent rapes—an inexperienced small town Detective, Charlie, who’s assigned to assist, finds her desire surging for the agent—only to realize he is the primary suspect.

A sleeping threat has awakened in the small town of Nyack. Crimes in the cozy village, garner the attention of the FBI, who assign two agents to assist Charlie in tracking down the sick and deranged perpetrator. Agents Trent Rossi and Dillon Echols work closely with Charlie, but as the crimes progress, dark secrets begin to cloud the air, blurring the line between who is on the side of the law and who’s against it. Being Charlie’s first major case, she’s unprepared not only for the menacing killer on the loose, but also with the unexpected feelings Trent draws out of her.

While Trent holds secrets, disappears at random, and seems to understand their perpetrator all-too-well, Charlie’s suspicions grow along with the pull she feels toward him. Her attraction could become fatal, yet she does not realize it until it is too late.


Jesus, he should be looking for this Detective Lopez, but his body screamed for this woman. He fought the urge to fidget, cursed the hours he had been working, unable to get any kind of companionship. He would have to work quick and then find Charlie. “I’m Agent Rossi with the FBI.” He leaned against the desk, gave her the look that had gotten him into pants faster than any of his college buddies, and held out a hand. She looked at his palm as if it were a serpent ready to strike.

“And? How can I help you, Agent Rossi?” She rose from her chair and crossed her arms under her breasts. He tried—and failed—to ignore how the movement pushed her plentiful mounds up toward her chin.


He pulled his hand back and ran it through his hair.

Bad move! The stench coming from under his arm made him wince.

“Look, I know you probably have things to do,” he said.

She nodded, brows lifted to her hairline, as if saying “no shit.” He went on, “But I do need to find Detective Lopez. You’d be a real sweetheart if you could point me in his direction. I’m here on a case and I don’t know…maybe after I’m done briefing him, you’d like to have dinner with me? That is, if you’re not busy?”

The contortion of her brows twisted before a sly smile spread.

“You’re looking for Charlie, huh?”

Someone groaned, and Trent glared over his shoulder, perplexed. The heavyset guy in need of Tide shook his head and looked away. Irritated at the interruption and apparent lack of man code, Trent turned his attention back to the cute little female.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

The woman shifted and sat in the chair with purposeful, slow movements. She set one foot on the desk, crossed a long leg over the other. Each action played out in slow motion through his lust-filled brain. He shifted, his focus glued to the smooth expanse of a jean-covered thigh, and stepped closer.

Hummidy, hummidy, hummidy.

. Purchase Links:
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About the author:

D.C. Stone is a romance author and full-time fraud investigator. She lives in the north-east with her incredibly supporting husband and two kids. She’ll deny any association with the grumpy cat that also resides in the house, but he is there, never-the-less.

After serving eight years of service with the United States Air Force, she went on to transition into the world of financial crimes and became a lead investigator for many years.

Reading has always been a passion of hers, getting lost in a good, steamy romance is one of her favorite past times. She soon after discovered her own love for writing and recreating stories and characters in her head. Her writing concentrates on romantic with specifics in paranormal, suspense and erotica.

Now, when she isn’t trying to solve a new puzzle in the world of fraud, she is engulfed with coffee, her laptop, and all those crazy characters in her head. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, New Jersey Romance Writers, RomVets, RWA Kiss of Death, and the Liberty State Fiction Writers. She currently serves as the Vice President and 2014 Conference Chair for NJRW. Come stop by on Facebook, Twitter, or her website and say hello!

Facebook PAGE:
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Playing With Destiny

Christian dug out his access pass from his back pocket and swiped it. The secured glass door unlocked, and he held it open for her. His gaze rolled over her body dimensions. Crap. He had it bad.

Destiny followed a tiled hallway that led to the main entrance and elevators. Framed tropical artwork adorned the walls. Two mauve, upholstered high-back chairs, a floor lamp, and a small glass accent table made the lobby homey. Usually people were in and out, but right now they were alone. Christian reached for the elevator button at the same time Destiny did. His finger mashed hers.

She looked at him and grinned. “Did you do that on purpose?”

“Nope,” he said, showing both hands. But damn, he liked the contact.

Her mouth quirked. “What floor do you live on?”

“Eleventh,” he said, puzzled. “Are we going to my place or yours?”

“Let’s go to yours first.” Her gaze swept him from head to toe. “I want to make sure you’re who you say you are.”

No problem. He had nothing to hide. And he didn’t feel insulted either. The elevator bell chimed and the door slid open. A young good-looking guy sprung out. He nodded at Christian, and gave Destiny a brazen once-over. Christian could’ve popped the jerk.

Ladies first, Christian indicated to Destiny when the path had cleared. They stepped into the elevator, and he pressed number eleven on the panel. The door swooshed closed and soft instrumental music came on. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, okay?” she asked, watching him.

He shrugged. “Hey, you can’t be too careful.” Obviously, she’d been spooked by the ex. Bastard had left her paranoid. It made his temper flare, but he didn’t want to think about that right now.

“It’s just that the last guy I trusted...” She looked down and her forehead crinkled.

He lifted her chin with his fingers, forcing her to look at him. “If it’s any consolation, I’m more afraid of you.”

Her eyes widened. “Why?”

“Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?” His finger brushed her soft cheek. “Not that it makes it okay, but I could understand why a guy would lose his mind.”

She smiled. “I think his issues had little to do with me.”

The two of them alone.

An intimate space.

A fierce attraction.

Perfect time for a kiss.

But he held back. “Whatever his problem, it’s not yours anymore.” They stared each other down, her light eyes never wavering from his dark ones.

Her teeth dug into her bottom lip. “No,” she agreed, grasping his upper arm.

He palmed her lower back, drew her body close to his. Destiny wanted him to kiss her. He saw it in her eyes.


Fate brought them together. Will Destiny keep them apart?

Destiny Quinn lives for her job. She loves being an IT Recruiter, traveling nationwide. But all work and no play has left her feeling restless. It's been a year since she's gone out on a date — or slept with a man. Suddenly, Destiny can't think about anything else. She's not looking for a relationship, just a good time and a sexy diversion. One steamy night of mind-blowing pleasure, then maybe she can get back to business.

Christian LaCosta wants to prove to his family — and himself — that he is relationship material. Lately, it seems like everyone around him is in love. Maybe it's time to give up the fast life and fast women, quit being the odd man out. Christian decides to take the plunge and join an online dating service. When he's unwittingly hooked up with a luscious neighbor named Destiny, the coincidence is too much. Christian doesn't believe in fate, but one look at Destiny, and he's seeing a whole new future. Now he must convince this career-driven beauty that work isn't everything. Take a chance on them, and she can have it all.

WARNING: Food Play, Hot Sex, Latin Hunk


Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Diane Escalera makes her home in coastal North Carolina. The sultry surroundings are a steady source of inspiration for her hot love stories. Diane is married, has two children and a super cute dachshund she can’t get enough of. She writes contemporary romance and is published with Kensington Publishing and Lyrical Press.

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1. Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in Nova Scotia, on Canada’s east coast. My family spent a lot of time roaming the rocky coastline, hiking through the woods and visiting old forts, all of which led to my sister and I riding our pretend horses, thinking up dramatic tales and later to writing them down. The culture here is a mix of Celtic, Acadian French and aboriginal Mi’kmaq, each with its very strong storytelling traditions (often through song.) Even regular, everyday Maritimers (that’s what we’re called Down East) can turn a waiting-in-a-lineup chat into a lively story.

2. If you have a day job, what is it?

Although I write about Dark Ages Briton, and about a medieval-style fantasy realm called the Eighth Dominion, for some reason I work closely with technology. I do find this amusing, as in general I’m a bit of a technophobe. I don’t have a mobile device, for example, and have absolutely no plans to ever get one. However, by day I’m an imaging clerk, converting paper files to an online database.

3. What’s your favorite food?

Hmm…I may have to split that into several different meals, being a big fan of dining. Not of cooking. I definitely love eggs for breakfast, especially an English-muffin-style breakfast sandwich. Yum. I do make those for myself. For dinner, like most Maritimers I love everything seafood, especially scallops. Can’t say no to salmon, haddock or lobster, either. I’m a massive fan of pad thai, and I love most things that get stir fried with rice. For dessert, I’m always partial to Neapolitan ice cream, cherry pie or strawberry rhubarb pie.

4. What is your favorite word?

Believe it or not, when I hear the Russian phrase for “with me” – which sounds like “samnoy” – I get a thrill inside, especially if it’s spoken by a sexy Russian man.

5. What place that you haven’t visited would you like to go?

Not surprisingly, the place that’s highest on my travel wish list is Saint Petersburg, Russia, the former Imperial City. I’m a passionate ballet fan, and for me the Mariinsky Ballet company – once known as the Kirov during the Soviet era – is the very pinnacle of the art form. Likely it will take me about ten years to save for the trip of my dreams, when I will enter the Mariinsky Theatre at 1 Theatre Square to watch a full-length story ballet. They’re currently performing in their 231st consecutive season. That sends shivers of delight down my spine. Of course, once in Saint Petersburg, I would have to visit the Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace and gardens, make a stop at the Bronze Horseman who watches over the city, and stroll along the Nevsky Prospekt.

6. What was the best writing advice someone gave you?

This was actually given to me by my cousin, romance author Julianne MacLean, while she was still an unpublished writer and I was considering whether or not to go to film school as a mature student. I said, “I’ll be thirty when I graduate.” She said, “You’ll turn thirty anyway. Might as well turn thirty with your degree.” I use that same advice for everything that seems like it might take forever. I’ll get to that faraway moment eventually – might as well do it with another book under my belt.

7. What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I wrote Vampire, Saints and Lovers in two separate NaNoWriMo marathons, which led to the need to weave both files together into one cohesive narrative. A challenging part of my creative process, but the wild abandon that comes over me during NaNoWriMo gives me scenes that never would have come to me otherwise. I now really look forward to the November writing frenzy.

8. What was the hardest scene to write?

The hardest parts weren’t a particular scene, it was the melding of the two POVs and getting the timelines to match as I then went back and forth between the hero Peredur and the heroine Tanwen. I wrote in Peredur’s POV during one NaNoWriMo, and in Tanwen’s POV during another. I find it really holds me deeply in character to stay with one and not switch hats with every chapter change, which is how it ends up for the reader by the finished book.

9. What is the one thing your hero would do that you wouldn’t?

I’m positive that I wouldn’t find myself cursing God. Yet that was the launch of Peredur’s story, when I was thinking of fallen warriors and unknown soldiers. I wondered: has anyone ever cursed God in their final moments? One thing led to another, and the Brotherhood was born.

10. Who is your greatest cheerleader?

My two greatest cheerleaders have always been my best friend Connie, and my husband Brad. But I do have to say that my cousin Julianne MacLean has been a special champion for Peredur!

Author Bio

Julia Phillips Smith is the author of dark fantasy novels Vampires Saints and Lovers and Bound by Dragonsfyre. A graduate of Ryerson Polytechnic University's film program in Toronto, Julia has several scriptwriting credits in addition to her novels. She enjoys life with her husband and mom in Nova Scotia, where the rugged sea and misty forests feed her thirst for gothic tales. Coming next: Book 2 in the Dragonsfyre series takes readers further into the shadows cast by the power-mad nobles of the Eighth Dominion. Follow if you dare.

Book Blurb

Vampires Saints and Lovers -- A brotherhood of immortals stands between humans and vampires, preventing the annihilation of the human race. Who are called to this service? Only those warriors who curse God with their dying breath.... Welsh warrior Peredur falls to a spear before claiming Tanwen for his bride, uttering the curse that seals his fate. Taking on the brotherhood’s trials, Peredur wages war against the creatures of the night.

Tanwen resists Father's command to take a husband. The wise woman’s son promises to reunite her with her beloved. But does Tanwen truly understand the depth of the price that must be paid?

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Missing the Mark on School Shootings

Someone I know posted this link on Facebook. I found the message powerful.

In 1998, a high school junior named Eric Harris from Colorado wanted to put on a performance, something for the world to remember him by. A little more than a year later, Eric and his best friend Dylan Klebold would place bombs all over their school — bombs large enough to collapse large chunks of the building and to kill the majority of the 2,000 students inside — and then wait outside with semi-automatic weapons to gun down any survivors before ending their own lives.

Read the rest.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Author Rock Star Roundup

Hugh Howey had a lot to say this week about monopolies.

One of the yacht owners I worked for years ago was a master of the board game Monopoly. He did not like to lose, and so my boss left little to chance. In Monopoly, the element of chance comes from the roll of the die and the various intentions, choices, and strategies of individual actors. But my boss did all he could to bypass this democracy of the die by appealing to the emotions of the players and lobbying for sympathy and support.

Hugh Howey

Bob Mayer explains how to survive a car-jacking.

Most car-jackings occur when the vehicle is parked and within five miles of your home. Again, always have your keys ready when approaching or leaving your vehicle. If threatened to give up the keys, give them up. It isn’t worth it.

Bob Mayer

David Gaughran talks about the kind of competition publishers want.

Since the huge shift to online purchasing and e-books, a common meme is that there is some kind of “discoverability” problem in publishing.

David Gaughran