Monday, June 2, 2014

Author Rock Star Roundup

Hugh Howey had a lot to say this week about monopolies.

One of the yacht owners I worked for years ago was a master of the board game Monopoly. He did not like to lose, and so my boss left little to chance. In Monopoly, the element of chance comes from the roll of the die and the various intentions, choices, and strategies of individual actors. But my boss did all he could to bypass this democracy of the die by appealing to the emotions of the players and lobbying for sympathy and support.

Hugh Howey

Bob Mayer explains how to survive a car-jacking.

Most car-jackings occur when the vehicle is parked and within five miles of your home. Again, always have your keys ready when approaching or leaving your vehicle. If threatened to give up the keys, give them up. It isn’t worth it.

Bob Mayer

David Gaughran talks about the kind of competition publishers want.

Since the huge shift to online purchasing and e-books, a common meme is that there is some kind of “discoverability” problem in publishing.

David Gaughran

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