Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Her Ladyship's Ring

Book 2 in the Oak Grove Mysteries
Author: P.J. MacLayne
Genre: Amateur Sleuth
Cover Design by K.M. Guth
Release Date: April 14, 2015

Harmony Duprie is back, and so is trouble in Oak Grove.

When a man is murdered in the back yard of the old Victorian house she is remodeling, Harmony is determined to help locate his next-of-kin so he can be put to rest properly. But with her ex-boyfriend Jake out of prison, back in town and one of the suspects in the murder, she takes on the challenge of solving the crime.

With Eli, her current love interest, in Florida and Jake close by, old emotions come back to haunt her. Can Harmony clear Jake's name and solve the mystery of her own heart?

Although each book in the series is a complete story (no cliffhanger endings) the books should be read in order.

The Marquesa's Necklace, the first book in the Oak Grove series, is available at major e-book retailers.


The first thing I noticed when walking into my apartment was the afghan I kept on the back of the recliner. It was on the floor and hadn't been like that when I left. “So who's been sitting in my chair?” I asked. “Eli?” I called hopefully to no response.

Then I noticed the dirty dishes in my kitchen sink. “So who's been eating my porridge?” I whispered to myself. Surely a thief wouldn't have stopped to make himself a sandwich.

I tip-toed down the hallway, holding my breath. The bathroom was empty, but my bedroom door was partially closed. I carefully pushed it open and peeked inside. A familiar head nestled on my pillow. “So that's who's been sleeping in my bed.”

Meet the Author

Born and raised among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, P.J. MacLayne still finds inspiration for her books in that landscapes. She is a computer geek by day and a writer by night who currently lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. When she's not in front of a computer screen, she might be found exploring the back roads of the nearby national forests and parks.

P.J. MacLayne can be reached on:
Facebook https://facebook.com/pjmaclayne
Twitter https://twitter.com/pjmaclayne
Google + https://plus.google.com/u/0/+PJMacLayne/posts
Amazon http://www.amazon.com/P.J.-MacLayne/e/B00HVE8WZI

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why I read and write romance novels

Unlike many romance readers, I didn’t discover the genre by finding one of my mom’s Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts novels while in junior high school. Honestly, my mom preferred horrors by Stephen King, which I was never able to get into. While I didn’t read the same novels as my mom, I was always an avid reader. Throughout much of high school I gravitated towards science fiction, fantasy and suspense novels. Then, one day I was looking at books in Walden’s Bookstore and found A Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey, a book that I have read more times than I can count. From then on, I was hooked.

Today, I believe that the romance genre as a whole is the best genre available, and I don’t say that just because I write contemporary romance. Rather, I feel this way because it is the most diverse genre out there. No matter what your tastes you can find a romance novel to fit the bill. Myself, I prefer contemporaries such as those written by Brenda Novak, romantic suspense like those released by Julie Ann Walker, historical by wonderful authors such as Julia Quinn and Hannah Howell, and paranormal/time travel by such authors as Jessica Andersen and Lynn Kurland.

While these are all my preferences, there are so many more subgenres to pick from that you could read a different type of romance each week of the year and still not exhaust your options. How many other genres can you say that about? None.

In addition to having favorite types of romance novels, I also have favorite types of heroes. Since my first series is titled The Sherbrookes of Newport and each title contains the word billionaire, you can probably guess I like novels with wealthy heroes. My second series revolves around a small town on the north shore of Massachusetts. Guess what? I like heroes that I could easily meet in town. Personally, I am not much of cowboy fan, but I do love my military heroes.

What about all of you? When did you fall in love with romance novels? What are favorite types?

Blurb and buy links

Hometown Love book two in the Love On The North Shore Series

Everyone in North Salem thinks they know Jessie Quinn. She is the town’s quintessential girl next door. The woman you can always turn to when you need a helping hand. Nobody knows that she’s spent years overcoming the emotional scars left by her last boyfriend.

As a single dad and task force officer with the FBI, Mack Ellsbury moves back to North Salem to be closer to his family, not to find love. Then Jessie Quinn returns to his life. Soon Mack no longer sees Jessie as the quiet girl he once tutored in high school but rather the woman he is falling in love with.

Mack’s love helps Jessie erase the scars she’s carried around for so long, but when his ex-wife decides she wants reconciliation, their relationship is put in jeopardy.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1zwK4Jt
iTunes: http://bit.ly/15zxywl
kobo http://bit.ly/1GBf9zE
BN http://bit.ly/1uM26X1
Author Bio

I started writing at the age of 10 on my grandmother's manual typewriter and never stopped. When I am not driving my 3 daughters (ages 7, 5, and 5) around to their various activities or chasing around our three dogs, I am working on a story or reading a romance novel. Currently, I have two series out, The Sherbrookes of Newport and Love on The North Shore. You can visit my website www.christinatetreault.com or follow me on Facebook to learn more about my characters and to track my progress on my current writing projects.

Author Links:

Website: www.christinatetreault.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christinatetreaultauthor
Twitter: @cgricci
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cgricci/

Thursday, March 19, 2015

California Dreamin’

My love affair with California began at the tender age of fifteen and continues yet today. So it should come as no surprise that the book of my heart, which somehow turned into a trilogy, is set there. I could attribute that frisson to the thrill of a midwestern girl seeing the ocean for the first time. Or the unapologetically bronzed coeds with movie-star teeth driving convertibles and playing volleyball in the sand. Maybe the towering palm trees swaying against the impossibly blue sky. But it’s more seminal than that.

Like many writers, I was an avid reader from an early age. And as an only child, books were my default playmates. As a teenager, I found myself drawn to the revolving wire rack of musty-smelling, dog-eared paperbacks at the public library. Some days I would get off the city bus a few stops early and pick some up on the way home from school. The novels took me to places all over the world where effortlessly beautiful, wonderfully flawed heroines were swept off their feet by unapologetically successfully, wildly handsome heros to live happily ever after. And in the event I found the ending to be unfavorable, I would simply continue the story in my head to my liking. Characters, layered in observation and steeped in expectation were formed. The framework of a story was subtlety built as innocence became experience and naivety became discernment.

Writing such ideas down, however, took nearly thirty years.

In the interim, I met my own alpha hero. And he took me to San Francisco on our honeymoon. And, as cliché as it sounds, that’s where I left my heart. Part of it, anyway. For the last decade or so, Lake Tahoe has shared custody. I hope my Chances trilogy will take you there. And you’ll leave a little piece of yours behind too.

In Second Chance, star-crossed lovers Lindsay Foster and Brian Rembrandt get a second chance at love amid the brilliant blue waters of Lake Tahoe. In Chance Encounter, Delaney Richards and Mike Savoy’s quest for love takes them from Tahoe’s fawn-colored shores to the serpentine streets of San Francisco. And the heat in Last Chance comes not from the blazing summer sun and rugged, white-hot sand, but from the prurient fervor between friends-turned-lovers Moira Brody and Paul Webster.

Moira Brody knows Paul Webster better than he knows himself. But neither one of them know that he as in love with her as she is with him. These lifelong friends will have to look at each other with fresh eyes and brave hearts. Moira will take an epic leap of faith and Paul will take the ultimate risk--again. They'll come full-circle, but there will be plenty of collateral damage along the way. And even the single-digit temperatures and snowcapped peaks of the Lake Tahoe winter are no match for their long-bridled desire.

Martha O'Sullivan has loved reading romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing her own novels is the realization of a lifelong dream for this stay-at-home mom. Martha writes spicy, contemporary romances with traditional couples and happy endings. She is the author of the Chances trilogy from Red Sage Publishing. Her current work-in-progress is steamy Christmas novel set in Florida. A native Chicagoan, she lives her own happy ending in Tampa with her husband and two daughters. Please visit http://www.marthaosullivan.com for reviews, excerpts and more.

Last Chance buy links:


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Entertaining Myself

As an only child for several years, my mom wanted me to learn to entertain myself. Boy, did I ever take that lesson to heart! I invented all kinds of storylines for my dolls and stuffed animals. I created danger so some could swoop in for a rescue. I sent them everywhere from the beach to the zoo to outer space. I invented dialogue for them and uttered it aloud in different voices. That’s what playtime meant to me.

Little did I know all this was the perfect training ground for my future as a romance writer!

I’m always looking for unique ideas to incorporate into a future book. Something that’s proven the test of time is the phrase I used when I created stories for my “friends” so long ago.

What if . . .

Playing the What if game has jumpstarted me many times. I used it when I kept hearing the phrase “separated at birth.” My question? What if actual twins were separated at birth . . . and they didn’t know the other one existed? That turned into my western historical romance A Game of Chance, which featured a lot of problems thanks to mistaken identity. Another time I jumpstarted Music For My Soul with What if England had a woman troubadour?

For my latest release, A Bit of Heaven on Earth, I relied on it again to get my creative juices going. I’d finished reading a book about The Hundred Years’ War (Yes, I’m a history nerd!), and I was fascinated how noblemen captured in battle were ransomed back to their home team, with the funds going into the war coffers. What did I ask? What if . . . the ransom wasn’t paid? What would happen to an English lord in hostile France? And why wouldn’t his family pay for his safe return? Believe me, asking that led to some of the best conflict and story that I’ve written!

So anytime I’m stuck while plotting? I’ll think to myself What if . . . and see what magic occurs.

Blurb for A Bit of Heaven on Earth:

When Gavin of Ashgrove and his closest friend are captured in a fierce battle during the Hundred Years’ War, their captors demand a hefty ransom from their fathers for their return. Robert is quickly set free, but Gavin’s father refuses to pay for his son’s release, leaving him to rot in a squalid French prison. Aided by a sympathetic priest, he escapes and returns home to England, only to find he has been proclaimed a bastard and disinherited.

With nowhere to turn Gavin journeys to Kentwood, where he fostered as a boy, hoping Lord Aldred will take him on as a knight in his guard. The old warrior is close to death, but he soon realizes Gavin is his son. Aldred plots to have Gavin inherit Kentwood and marry his much younger wife, Elizabeth, a famed and opinionated beauty who remains a virgin after a decade of marriage.

Will the king recognize Lord Aldred’s first request of a marriage between Elizabeth and Robert, uniting Robert’s estate with Kentwood—or will the temperamental Edward reward Aldred’s years of service and honor a dying man’s final request?

Buy link: http://amzn.com/B00QHMH0IU
Author Bio & Social Media sites:

Lauren Linwood became a teacher who wrote on the side to maintain her sanity in a sea of teenage hormones. Her romances use history as a backdrop to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire and yearning for one another grow into the deep, tender, treasured gift of love.

Lauren, a native Texan, lives in a Dallas suburb with her family. An avid reader, moviegoer, and sports fan, she manages stress by alternating yoga with five mile walks. She is thinking about starting a support group for Pinterest and House Hunters addicts.

Website Facebook Twitter Blog Amazon Author Page Goodreads Author Page About Me

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Refilling the Bucket

My life is probably similar to that of many authors, published or not. It’s crammed full, with little room for down time. Because I haven’t made any bestseller lists, and didn’t have the foresight to marry a millionaire (just a wonderful man that I’m still in love with 30-some years later), I work a day job that helps support my family in modest comfort.

I write when I can on evenings and weekends, but those breaks also have to fit in time for husband and kids and grandkids, as well as promo for books I have out, exercise, my volunteer responsibilities for various chapters and organizations, and even an occasional dinner with friends.

I also like to get in a bit of reading as well – usually for half an hour or so before I go to bed.

I don’t take a lot of time off, but I recently spent a week at the beach with just my husband and sister-in-law. No kids and no obligations for seven whole days. It was wonderful. I read five books, spent a lot of time walking on the beach, paddling in the water, and soaking in the sunshine.

I can’t remember the last time I had an entire week with no obligations other then my turn at cooking or cleaning afterward. I’ve done vacations before, but there was always an agenda, flights to make, places to be, things to do.

Those can be great, too, but I’ve just rediscovered the joy of real retreat and relaxation. The thrill of being able to read a book all the way through, stopping only for meals and a walk on the beach. The delight in doing nothing but staring at the sky, listening to the surf, and watching the clouds drift by.

I came back feeling rested and refreshed in a way I haven’t for a long time. I’m ready to plunge back into writing and finish the book that’s been taking me forever. And I realize that sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is take time out to do nothing.


Karen McCullough’s wide-ranging imagination makes her incapable of sticking to one genre for her storytelling. As a result, she’s the author of more than a dozen published novels and novellas, which span the mystery, fantasy, paranormal, and romantic suspense genres. A former computer programmer who made a career change into being an editor with an international trade publishing company for many years, she now runs her own web design business to support her writing habit. Awards she’s won include an Eppie Award for fantasy; three other Eppie finals; Prism, Dream Realm, Rising Star, Lories, Scarlett Letter, and Vixen Awards, and an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest. Her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies and numerous small press publications in the fantasy, science fiction, and romance genres. She lives in Greensboro, NC, with her husband of many years.

Website: http://www.kmccullough.com
Blog: http://www.kmccullough/kblog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KarenMcCulloughAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kgmccullough
Blurb for A Question of Fire

When Cathy Bennett agrees to attend an important party as a favor for her boss, she knows she won't enjoy it. But she doesn't expect to end up holding a dying man in her arms and becoming the recipient of his last message. Bobby Stark has evidence that will prove his younger brother has been framed for arson and murder. He wants that evidence to get to his brother's lawyer, and he tries to tell Cathy where he's hidden it. But he dies before he can give her more than a cryptic piece of the location.

The man who killed Bobby saw him talking to her and assumes she knows where the evidence is hidden. He wants it back and he'll do whatever it takes to get it, including following her and trying to kidnap her. Cathy enlists the aid of attorney Peter Lowell and Danny Stark, Bobby's prickly, difficult younger brother, as well as a handsome private detective to help her find the evidence before the killers do.

Buy links:

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002W5RBZS
Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-question-of-fire-karen-mccullough/1004338298?ean=2940012198129
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43245 Kobo: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/a-question-of-fire/9781452411699-item.html

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Sweeter Than Honey by Delilah Devlin

Something’s on the rise in Two-Mule, Texas. And it ain’t just the temperature.

1880, West Texas

Cafferty lives a happy, if precarious, existence as a traveling saleswoman. She sells her elixirs and potions while searching for the one thing she hasn’t been able to brew from the back of her colorful wagon—a sense of belonging. She arrives in Two Mule, Texas, with her Elixir of Love, a potion that improves a man’s libido but might just get her run out of town.

Sheriff Joe Tanner is protective of his little town. Downright hostile toward anyone who might take advantage of the fine folk under his protection. Any snake-oil salesman who rolls into town better just keep right on rolling.

Honey isn’t what Joe expected, from her vibrant red hair and cat-green eyes to her curvy mouth and hips. And when the men of the town begin to plead exhaustion—and place the blame squarely on her sweet-smelling shoulders—Joe has no choice but to launch an investigation. A very, very deep investigation…

Warning: Contains a sheriff who prides himself on keeping his town running as smooth as a well-greased wagon wheel, and a wandering saleswoman who’s more than a bump (and grind) in his road.

Buy here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Samhain | Kobo | iTunes

“Sheriff, you’ve gotta do somethin’ about that woman.”

The note of exasperation in Curly Hicks’s voice was one Joe Tanner had heard often in the past couple of days—at least from the unmarried men of the town. He didn’t need to ask which woman Curly was talking about. He already knew who was responsible for Curly’s agitation. Her name was on everybody’s lips, although the tones with which her name was spoken varied widely.

He was curious what the normally reticent shopkeeper had to say about the lady in question. “Just what do you want me to do about her, Curly?”

“Send her packin’! She’s up to somethin’. Cain’t tell you ’xactly what, but ever since she came, nothin’s been the same.”

So he wasn’t the only one to notice. Since the day Honey Cafferty’s fancy-painted wagon had rolled into town, the mood around Two Mule had seemed…expectant, like the town itself was wakening from a long slumber and had suddenly discovered every joyful holiday was all wrapped inside one bright, shining moment.

Which posed a dilemma for Joe. Two Mule had elected him to keep the peace and things had been riding smooth like a Conestoga over flat land—no bumps, no bone-jarring thuds. So far, the townsfolk had been pretty satisfied with their lives. It was a quiet place—the right kind of town to set down deep roots—and he intended to keep it that way.

However, Honey Cafferty had a way about her that was anything but quiet. She radiated shimmering sensuality, from her vibrant red hair and cat-like green eyes to her lushly curved lips and body. Everything about her shouted like Fourth of July fireworks and crazily spinning whirligigs, eliciting a restless hunger in him that had no place in his tidy little life.

Just looking at the woman made his teeth ache, made him want to touch the fire he sensed smoldered just below the surface of her sweet-smelling peaches-and-cream skin.

“Whatcha gonna do, Sheriff?”

Not what he really wanted to, that was for damn sure. “Has she committed a crime?”

Curly’s cheeks reddened. “You’re not list’nin’ to me. Amos Handy didn’t open his smithy shop ’til half past noon yesterday. That ain’t never happened before.”

“Why do you think Miss Cafferty had something to do with that?”

“Amos’s wife bought a bottle of her special ee-lixir the day before.”

“So you think Miss Cafferty poisoned Amos?”

“I’m not sayin’ she did it on purpose, but Letty was sure lookin’ happy when I came to see what was wrong. And you know that woman has the sourest disposition of any female this side of the Mississippi.”

“What about Amos? Did he look like he was sickening?”

“Well, no. But he’s mighty tired, he says. Said he was gonna close his shop for a couple of days—take a vacation. You ever heard such a load of horseshit in all yer born days?”

“Still don’t see where Miss Cafferty fits in with all this.”

About Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of erotica and erotic romance with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. She has published over a hundred forty erotic stories in multiple genres and lengths. She is published by Atria/Strebor, Avon, Berkley, Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Grand Central, Harlequin Spice, HarperCollins: Mischief, Kensington, Montlake Romance, Running Press and Samhain Publishing. Find out more about Delilah at www.delilahdevlin.com.

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Love Caters All, by Nicci Carrera


“Doc made me unplug. Ordered me to read books. Even went so far as to write out a prescription.” Rick reached in his pocket.

She took the paper he’d retrieved and read it. Sure enough, their website and the words, No electronics, read a book were scrawled on an Rx sheet in Doc’s handwriting. She handed back the note. “I’d recognize Doc’s penmanship anywhere.”

“Penmanship!” Rick grinned. “You can see from Doc’s chicken scratch, if I had to rely on the Internet for entertainment I’d be out of luck. It’s old-fashioned bound-paper for me this week.”

“I love books. In our library, you’ll find the classics, westerns, and some spicy romance.” Maya thought she’d just toss the last genre in there to see how he’d react. He grinned. Her stomach fluttered. This man was nothing like the conceited ass she’d dated last summer. Both men might be rich, but they were so different. “History, biography, and a Bible.”

“Will there be a quiz?”

“Only on the romance.” His laugh was so sensuous she could roll in it.

“I really need to dry the floor. I’ll get a rag. Excuse me.”

Mama passed her at the hall closet. “We should invite Mr. Nordan to our party tomorrow.”

Oh no. Rick was going to meet the gorgeous twins before Maya even had a single date with him.

“Mama,” Maya whispered, “he’s a guest. I mean a customer. Not a guest.” Would he be half-naked when Mama walked into his room? He certainly wasn’t very modest. What about his tattoo? Oh, that would be perfect. If she saw the ink Mama probably wouldn’t invite him to the party. Mama barged past Maya.

Maya hurried after in time to hear Rick say, “Hi, Mrs. Cruz. Sorry about the water.”

Had he put on a shirt? She peeked around Mama. No. He was half naked on his knees wiping up the water with one of the towels from the bathroom. There was another tattoo on his back. Some kind of massive bird, not realistic, more stylized.

“I’ll do that.” Mama bustled toward Rick.

With Mama’s knees, she definitely shouldn’t bend down to wipe the floor. Rick had finished the clean-up. Gratitude filled Maya.

Now Rick stared at the expensive periwinkle blue towel in his hand. “I’m sorry I used this. I’ll just use this one.” He liberated the rag from Maya’s fingers.

He was going to dry himself with that ratty old thing? He wore an expensive looking jacket, designer shoes, and a button-down shirt to fly all the way across the country. He knew the difference between a good towel and a rag. He was a CEO of a major corporation, yet he had tattoos. This man was a paradox.


When hard-driving CEO Rick Nordan arrives in Lobster Cove under strict orders from the family doctor to take a break, he discovers the rental house comes with a family attached, including one sexy dynamo of a caterer. She's nothing like his ex-fiancée who wouldn't sign a pre-nup, but maybe that means she's the real deal and not a gold digger.

Maya Cruz wants life for her widowed mother to get easier by renting out her house during the summer. But teaching Mama business means explaining Rick isn't a "guest," he's a "customer." And the first thing Mama does is invite Rick to join their family activities. Having Rick around wouldn't be so bad if Maya didn't find him so attractive. The last time she fell for a vacationing millionaire, she had her heart broken.

She swore off his type, and he's not looking, but this might be a recipe for love.

Available at:
Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/12RSEUi
Amazon Print: http://amzn.to/12RSEUi
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1upOIRl
ITunes: http://bit.ly/1BleGL4
The Wild Rose Press http://bit.ly/13gR2E8
The Wild Rose Press ebook: http://bit.ly/1yXCl3W
The Wild Rose Press Print: http://bit.ly/1vKsTjo

Nicci Carrera lives to write contemporary and spicy love stories with sassy heroines and sexy heroes. Nicci believes the perfect man makes lots of bread…the kind you eat hot from the oven with butter. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, and yes, he bakes all their bread. When not at her keyboard writing a romance, in the kitchen, or curled up with a book, Nicci enjoys photography and long walks.

http://www.niccicarreraromance.com (daily blog)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whirlwind Romance

What do pirates, princes, Puritans, and propaganda have in common? Lacey Delahaye, forager and jelly maker, finds out in this romantic suspense set in the western Caribbean.

Whirlwind Romance
Secret Cravings Publishing, (2014)
89,000 words; M/F; 3 flames; Adventure/Romance

I didn't mean to write this story. I meant to write a nice romantic interlude set on Longboat Key, a lovely barrier island on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Even before I'd reached Chapter Two, however, things had taken a geographical turn and veered off into the western Caribbean. Even now I'm not sure how it happened, but everything started to go awry when Lacey Delahaye, my heroine, finds a bedraggled castaway in her mangrove swamp. Fine. Not a problem. He's handsome, injured, and clearly has a secret. Could he be a lost tourist? A real estate agent caught up in a Florida land scam? An environmentalist who's discovered that whales have become man-eaters? No, sir. With his exotic, dark looks (flashing black eyes, shimmering ebony hair, etc.), he hardly seemed the real estate agent type. And he has an accent. Therefore he comes from elsewhere. He eventually confesses to Lacey that…well, I certainly won't divulge his secret. I will say that he and Lacey find themselves in a remote, tiny, tropical paradise, which would be very romantic, except for the vicious serpent lurking there.


In the aftermath of a hurricane, Lacey Delahaye finds herself marooned on the Gulf coast of Florida with a mysterious man. They are immediately drawn to each other, but before Armand can confess his identity, they are kidnapped and taken far from civilization to a tiny, remarkable island in the western Caribbean. With the help of her son Crispin, a small, but proud young boy named Inigo, and a cadre of extraordinary characters, Lacey and Armand must confront pirates, power-mad ideologues, and palace intrigue if they are to restore the once idyllic tropical paradise to its former serenity and find lasting happiness.

Buy Links:

Secret Cravings Publishing: http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=4&products_id=934
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Whirlwind-Romance-M-S-Spencer-ebook/dp/B00N105I4E/
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/whirlwind-romance-ms-spencer/1120206448
ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-whirlwindromance-1605591-153.html
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/whirlwind-romance
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/470255
Overdrive: https://www.overdrive.com/media/1966211/whirlwind-romance
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/whirlwind-romance-1
Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/book/237687502/Whirlwind-Romance
Inktera: http://www.inktera.com/store/title/06624dd5-bd56-4cab-b08c-5aa1c158ee4a
Versent: http://www.versentbooks.com/store/title/06624dd5-bd56-4cab-b08c-5aa1c158ee4a
About the Author

Although she has lived or traveled in every continent except Antarctica and Australia (bucket list), M. S. Spencer has spent the last thirty years mostly in Washington, D.C. as a librarian, Congressional staff assistant, speechwriter, editor, birdwatcher, kayaker, policy wonk, non-profit director and parent. She has two fabulous grown children, and currently divides her time between the Gulf coast of Florida and a tiny village in Maine.

Ms. Spencer has published nine romance novels. The first two, Lost in His Arms and Lost and Found, were published by Red Rose Publishing. The other six—Losers Keepers, Triptych, Artful Dodging: The Torpedo Factory Murders, Mai Tais and Mayhem: Murder at Mote Marine (a Sarasota Romance, Lapses of Memory, and the Mason's Mark —were published by Secret Cravings. Whirlwind Romance, her ninth, was released September 2014.


Blog: http://msspencertalespinner.blogspot.com OR http://bit.ly/1aBzraT
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/msspencertalespinner
Twitter: www.twitter.com/msspencerauthor
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/msspencerauthor/

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cherished Moments


Senator Jordan Dupré is reluctant to revisit her past. That thought crumbles at the sight of Deacon Burke. His commanding presence and charming smile transports her back to her youth. Back then, she kissed, loved, lied, and left him—taking a life-changing secret with her.

Scorned by Jordan’s dishonesty, Deke swears he never wants to see her lying face again. However, his heart knows better, and he never stops thinking of her. When Jordan’s husband is killed, Deke is summoned to the Senator’s aid, by an unlikely source—Unfortunately, he brings a secret of his own.

Will secrets from their past reignite their cherished moments?


Jordan wandered back to the sidewalk, and then took a closer look at the structure. The side entrance beckoned her. A couple of missing boards made access to the doorknob possible. Getting to the knob required a bit of muscle, but she forced a space sufficient enough to squeeze through. Once inside, the rancid stench in the air attacked her. When she covered her nose and mouth, the gloves and garbage bag fell to the floor at her feet. Unlike anything she’d ever smelled, the stench was potent enough to make her gag.

She staggered toward the slit of daylight that filtered from the outside. Once she pushed her way through the boards, and hit the bright sunlight, her eyes filled with tears. Gasping to fill her lungs with fresh air, she walked a few feet from the door. Dizziness threatened to overtake her. Leaning forward, Jordan braced her hands on her knees to avoid passing out. As her body struggled to return to a normal state, she closed her eyes and willed her it to stabilize.

A dark shadow gradually blocked her sunlight. Jordan opened her eyes to a blurry silhouette dressed in black. He reached downward and gripped her arm. Though his grasp was tight, it was not harmful. When her sight cleared, she focused on a face that caused her blood pressure to rise. “Deke.” After years with no contact, her knees still knocked, and her heart ached.

"Jay. Are you okay?” The rich, mellow voice was music to her ears. He slid his hand down her arm, and then gently clutched her hand. His touch added to her jittery stance, and her stomach lurched.

Again, Jordan closed her eyes. Immediately, she emptied her stomach right at his feet. When she opened her eyes, he offered her a folded white handkerchief, and held it under her nose. Raising her head, she accepted his gesture. First, she wiped her eyes, and then her mouth.

Seeming to enjoy her presence, his spontaneous grin showed one imperfect bottom tooth; otherwise, his smile would have been perfect. She recalled him saying that the dental flaw was a family trait.

"Hi, Deke." She responded as though their last conversation was twenty minutes ago, instead of almost twenty years. At that point, the nearly fifty year-old woman took a momentary trip back in time.


Mickie Sherwood is an author and a novice photographer. Using her backyard as the backdrop for her inspiration, she loves taking pictures of nature. Her love of photography incites her creativity for writing. Spending time with her family and cruise vacations, also stokes her imagination.

With all of her interest combined, fascinating characters and intriguing circumstances can develop.

Mickie also enjoys a good laugh. Revel in the humorous stories she shares about life, at her blog—Mickie's Mutterings.

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Two Waters Beach: Berengaria Brown

Two Waters beach really exists. It’s the most awesome place, with crystal clear water, turquoise near the shore, and deeper blue on the far side of a sandbar that’s about two hundred yards off-shore. It’s just far enough to be a slightly challenging swim for the tourists, making the sandbar the perfect place for lovers to sit on, alone, yet in public. The warm ocean ripples over the sand, enticing lovers to stay there a while and rest—or play.

The beach extends about a mile to a rocky cliff that has just enough foot and toe holds to entice energetic young men to climb it, even though they probably shouldn’t.

Two Waters tourist town sits on a narrow peninsular, with the ocean on one side and the lake on the other. The lake is the ideal place for families to visit, and for people to walk or ride a bike around. There are grassy places to rest under trees, while tourists look out over the peaceful, restful lake.

And no tourist town would be complete without stores to visit, and holiday cottages to rent. Then there’s the golf course. It’ surprisingly good for a small town, but of course the tourists love to take a morning or afternoon to hit their golf balls across the manicured greens, talk, and then relax in the dining room at the golf club.

Really, it’s no wonder that love is in the air all year around at Two Waters beach.

The Beach Boys is a series of four books talking about romance that develops at Two Waters in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Every time of year is perfect for romance when lovers meet up on vacation. Each book is a complete male/male romance in itself, but several characters appear and reappear during the series, and, of course, the beach itself is the most important character of all. It’s always there in the background, waiting for lonely people to discover its attraction, and the man of their dreams.

The Beach Boys: Fall (MM) Blurb:

Saber Crouch is ready to settle down and find his soulmate. But everyone at Two Waters beach where he is vacationing is already with a partner or a family. Until he sees Moses Sandler.

Moses doesn’t believe he’s worthy of having a partner. He feels old and fat. His boyfriend left him and his sister told him he was likely to have a heart attack if he didn’t lose weight. Despite all this Moses can’t help being drawn to Saber.

The attraction between them is undeniable, even though Moses can’t believe he’s worthy of the attention of such a handsome, fit man as Saber. Nevertheless they progress at the speed of light from meeting, to touching, to bed. Not that they actually reach the bed. The sand is much closer and all they need is a flat surface.

Moses is very afraid this is going to be a one-night stand. Or, at the most, a few days’ fling.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-beach-boys-fall

Berengaria Brown Bio:

Berengaria is an award-winning, best-selling, multi-published author of erotic romance with over one hundred published digital, print and audio books. She writes contemporary, paranormal (magic, ghosts, vampires, fairies, dragons, and werewolves), futuristic, medieval, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: MMF, MFM, FMMM, FFM, MM, FF, and MF. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.


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Words That Bind

My name is Ash Krafton, and I’m proud to call myself a speculative fiction writer. Speculative fiction covers a whole range of wonderful ideas—fantasy, science fiction, horror, and every single shade in between. Speculative fiction begins with a question: What if…? I have loads of fun finding new ways to answer that question.

I’ve wanted to write romance for a long time. This is my first romance novel—paranormal, of course. (Wouldn’t do having everyone in the book being human.) I love the endless possibilities that the paranormal realm offers us readers. It’s true my first and best love will always be vampires but, with so many amazing stories out there, I can’t help but developed an appreciation for the other intriguing species of beasties out there—including genies.

In WORDS THAT BIND, a social worker breaks the cardinal rule: never fall for your client. Especially when your client is an immortal djinn and you are the talisman to which he is bound.

I get a lot of questions about how I name my characters. A name is another layer of detail to tailor when creating our characters. Heroine Tam Kerish’s name was selected for its rhythm and feel. Her full name, Tamarinda, however, has a different feel to it—a taste, as the hero might say. Tamarind fruit is both sweet and sour—complexity in its simplicity—and the tree flowers “inconspicuously”. That rather suits Tam, who begins the story as a closed and reserved woman.

The hero, Burns, is a fire elemental (a djinn, actually) who has chosen his own name. It describes him from head to toe, inside and out, from the flame that sometimes erupts along his skin to the force of his firestorm emotional outbursts. His true name is a source of great power, so that’s a card he plays close to his chest. If someone were to find out, they could use it against him…

As the heroine is a social worker, it was very important to research her role, as well as the code of ethics she follows. In fact, after studying the ethical code and all its provisions, I had to rewrite the plot because I didn’t want to dishonor the profession. Tension and conflict are good things for a book, though, and the story is much better for the research and the big revisions that came about as a result.

By pairing a realistic professional dilemma with an unrealistic fantasy character, I tried to create a love story with enough realism to make you believe it could happen…and enough fantasy to make you close your eyes and wish that genies are real.

Thanks for stopping by to check out WORDS THAT BIND!


Social worker Tam Kerish can’t keep her cool professionalism when steamy client Mr. Burns kindles a desire for more than a client-therapist relationship—so she drops him. However, they discover she’s the talisman to which Burns, an immortal djinn, has been bound since the days of King Solomon…and that makes it difficult.

Ethical guidelines are unequivocal when it comes to personal relationships with clients. However, the djinn has a thawing effect on the usually non-emotive Tam, who begins to feel true emotion whenever he is near. Tam has to make a difficult choice: to stay on the outside, forever looking in…or to turn her back on her entire world, just for the chance to finally experience what it means to fall in love.

UK links

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/words-that-bind/id923744360?mt=11&uo=4 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00NU7GQLM
US links

http://www.amazon.com/Words-That-Bind-Ash-Krafton-ebook/dp/B00NU7GQLM http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/words-that-bind-ash-krafton/1120491909?ean=2940150603257


Ash Krafton is a speculative fiction author from northeastern Pennsylvania. Krafton’s first novel, Bleeding Hearts was published in 2012 as part of an urban fantasy trilogy The Books of the Demimonde (Pink Narcissus Press). An urban fantasy novella, Strangers at the Hell Gate, was published by Wild Rose Press in 2013. Her newest release, Words That Bind, won first place in the HeRA RWA “Show Me the Spark” 2013 competition as well as a Zebulon award in 2014.

Krafton also writes New Adult speculative fiction novels under the pen name AJ Krafton. Upcoming titles include The Heartbeat Thief, Face of the Enemy, and the award-winning Takin’ It Back. She is part of a YA/NA collective known as the Infinite Ink Authors.

In addition to novel-length fiction, Krafton enjoys writing poetry and short prose, some of which earned distinctions in various writing competitions. One of her poems was also nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She’s a proud member of Pennwriters, Romance Writers of America, and Pikes Peak Writers. Krafton also writes for the Query Tracker Blog and the Prose Cons blog.

She resides with her family in northeast Pennsylvania.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/AshKraftonAuthor
Blog: http://ash-krafton.blogspot.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ashkrafton
Goodreads: http://goodreads.com/Ash_Krafton
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/demimondeash

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Erica Ridley Interview

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing off and on since I was a child, but I decided to try to become a professional author in 2006. My first book was published in 2010—but not until I’d written three other manuscripts.

Do you plot or do you write by the seat of your pants?

Team Plotter, all the way! I use the writing software Scrivener to organize my ideas and keep plot threads and character details consistent across each series. For me, knowing ahead of time what is supposed to happen helps me to sit down and make it happen. Without a roadmap, I find myself spending too much time staring helplessly at a blank page. (Or catching up on Words With Friends instead of writing!)

What drew you to the subject of The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress?

I loved the idea of soldier coming home from war and doing his best to return to normal, when normal in his case means Regency England. How would a hero deal with PTSD in a society that values frivolity? And once a heroine is labeled a bluestocking and a wallflower, what lengths could she go to break out of the mold?

How many rejections have you received?

I have no idea! I think I would’ve gone a little crazy if I had kept count. Like many authors, I had dozens of rejections to query letters and requested partials before I landed a literary agent, and the rejections didn’t stop there. My agent spent almost a year trying to shop a book that we both loved but ultimately did not sell. It was the following manuscript that earned me my first contract.

What was the best writing advice someone gave you?

The difference between success and failure is that failures quit.

Tell me one thing about yourself that very few people know.

I live on a macadamia farm in the rainforests of Costa Rica. It’s not a secret, but I doubt many people imagine a historical romance writer lying on a hammock with her laptop as hundreds of wild parrots chirp overhead and howler monkeys call in the distance. I love it here!

Describe your book.

Captain Xavier Grey returned from the Napoleonic Wars a hairsbreadth away from catatonic. No one knows what happened but him, and Xavier isn’t saying a word. He flees London for the countryside, intending to spend the rest of his days alone in his small cottage. Jane Downing is a wallflower with a serious book habit and well-honed inner snark. She’s tired of being invisible, and sets out to turn the man of her dreams into her real life lover. She lands on Xavier’s doorstep just in time for the snowstorm of the season. Captain Grey suddenly finds himself snowbound with a bluestocking. And she has an unbelievably tempting plan for heating up the winter nights...

What do you consider your strengths in terms of your writing?

I think that my use of humor and multifaceted characters is something that readers really enjoy. No one is “just” a duke, or “just” a wallflower, and I try to let all the aspects of my characters’ lives and personalities influence the plot and its outcome.

What do you consider your weakness and what strategies do you use to overcome it?

A weakness that I think plagues many writers is that we’re sooo close to our characters and our stories, that sometimes we don’t realize when what’s on the page doesn’t match up with what’s in our head. To me, it might be obvious that the heroine feels a certain way or that the hero had good reasons for doing X. But it takes the honest feedback of trusted critique partners to point out when something is missing—or when it’s been repeated to death and needs to go. My CPs and I like to call it “constructive brutality”. They’re my first line of defense before I send a story off to my agent or my editor, and we count on each other to point out all of the flaws in a way that encourages, rather than demotivates.

What place that you haven’t visited would you like to go?

India is high on my list! I’ve been invited twice by friends who live there, but both times the round trip airfare was cost-prohibitive. I’ll make it there eventually!


Captain Xavier Grey’s body is back amongst the beau monde, but his mind cannot break free from the horrors of war. His friends try to help him find peace. He knows he doesn’t deserve it. Just like he doesn't deserve the attentions of the sultry bluestocking intent on seducing him into bed…

Spinster Jane Downing wants off the shelf and into the arms of a hot-blooded man. Specifically, the dark and dangerous Captain Grey. She may not be destined to be his wife, but nothing will stop her from being his mistress. She could quote classical Greek by the age of four. How hard can it be to learn the language of love?

Author Bio

Erica Ridley learned to read when she was three, which was about the same time she decided to be a writer when she grew up. Now, Erica is a USA Today best-selling author of historical romance novels. Her latest series, The Dukes of War, features roguish peers and dashing war heroes who return from battle only to be thrust into the splendor and madness of Regency England. When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, ziplining through rainforests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

Website: http://www.EricaRidley.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EricaRidley
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EricaRidley
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/EricaRidley
Need more?

See http://www.ericaridley.com/extras/ for downloadable headshot and author fact sheet, or email erica@ericaridley.com with any questions, or to schedule an interview.

Love & Mystery

A year ago something amazing happened to me.

I got an ereader.

Amazing you say? Doesn’t sound very amazing…

Well, the thing is, getting said ereader completely changed my reading habits and opened up a whole new world of romantic fiction fun.

Before the arrival of my little purple ereader (LPE) I was a devout paperback girl and my reading genre was contemporary romance and chicklit. I loved paperbacks, with their exciting new book smell and their oh-so-gorgeous covers. But I so wanted to read all those lovely new ebooks.

Wow! Now I could devour all those ebooks I had on my To Be Read list. In addition, I discovered other books which took the key ingredient of romance and mixed it with something extra – mystery and intrigue, crimes to solve, tension and suspense, feisty women and sexy spies teaming up to fight the bad guys.

All of which lead to me falling in love with one particular subgenre of romance books – the romantic comedy murder mystery. These books have all of the usual romance but this time there’s also comedy to enjoy and a murder mystery to solve.

So what, in my humble opinion, does a romantic comedy murder mystery need to make it zing for me as a reader?

Well, I’d say…

★A brave hero – the handsome but not perfect guy. Maybe he has relationship issues, perhaps he’s ‘emotionally unavailable’ for some reason, or maybe he hasn’t always been the good guy and has a murky mysterious past we can delve into.
★A strong heroine – she needs to be a woman with a mind of her own, capable of looking after herself, but she’s still a woman who notices how yummy her secret agent crime fighting partner is.
★Comedy - yes, I want the intrigue of the murder mystery case, to be a part of the battle to catch the bad guys, but I want humour in the mix as well. OK, a crime has been committed but I’m not reading ‘true crime’ or a thriller, so the overall feel of the book should be light-hearted.
★Romance – an essential ingredient for any romcom mystery obviously! Yes, the story is layered with tension as our hero and heroine rush to capture the killer and solve the case but I still want that undeniable chemistry fizzing between our hero and heroine. I want that will-they-won’t-they excitement.

One of the things I really like about this genre though is that in a romantic comedy murder mystery, the girl not only gets the guy - they both get to capture the villains as well!

Book Blurb:

Amber’s making up the horoscopes for the local paper and wishing for some excitement in her life when she gets a phone call offering her just that. It could change her life forever and plunge her into a world where she’s quickly (and scarily) out of her depth.

The call? Heartthrob actor Ennis McKarthy, her old uni boyfriend, begs her for a favour. His brother Joel has been found is dead - in very suspicious circumstances.

Desperate to keep the story out of the newspapers and solve the mystery of his brother’s death as fast as possible, Ennis has called in the specialists in the shape of the CCIA. The Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency has just the man for the job – their top agent Charlie Huxton.

But Ennis, stalked by journalists and paparazzi, doesn’t trust a stranger to handle the case on his own and keep quiet about what he might discover so he pleads with Amber, wanting her to shadow Charlie throughout the investigation.

Much to Amber’s surprise Charlie eventually agrees, leaving her wondering why. What’s he up to?

Charlie and Amber delve into Joel’s death and soon have their hands full with questioning potential suspects and the victim’s irate ex-girlfriend. Then they discover they’re battling something far more dangerous than they could ever have expected…and it’s not just their growing attraction for each other.

Maybe Amber’s life is about to get too exciting…

Find the book on Amazon UK


Find the book on Amazon USA


Author bio:

Zanna Mackenzie lives on the Derbyshire/Leicestershire border with her husband, 4 dogs, a vegetable patch that’s home to far too many weeds and an ever expanding library of books waiting to be read.

Being a freelance writer and editor of business publications is her ‘day job’ but, at every opportunity, she can be found scribbling down notes on scenes for whatever novel she’s working on. She loves it when the characters in her novels take on minds of their own and start deviating from the original plot!

Find out more about Zanna on her blog www.zannamackenzie.blogspot.co.uk, on Twitter via @ZannaMacKenzie or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zanna.mackenzie

Find out more about Zanna at:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZannaMacKenzie
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zanna.mackenzie
Goodreads - http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/10703273-zanna-mackenzie
Amazon Author Page - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zanna-Mackenzie/e/B00BKY1A18/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0
Pinterest: http://uk.pinterest.com/zannamac/