Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Off

I'm taking Labor Day off from blogging. I will be back on Friday with my usual Friday Hunk.
Next week I will start a new Wednesday feature.
Stay tuned and enjoy the long weekend for those in the U.S.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Hunk Ty Pennington

Ty Pennington. Ah. What can I say. I like a man who knows how to use his tools? A man who will use whatever tool he needs to get the job done? You get the picture.

He seems like a really nice guy. A friend of mine did some work for his show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. She was in one of the trailers one day and in walked Ty. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself. As if she wouldn't know who he was. But that's what makes him even more attractive. He didn't assume she knew who he was. He didn't assume he was such a big star that he needed no introduction. That makes a man sexy.

And it is an added bonus that he knows how to use his tool. Ahem.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Jo Bros
Having kids in the demographics that Disney Channel caters to I know all about the Jonas Brothers. I've seen Camp Rock and I may even have a Jonas Brothers song on my iPod.
I reallly want these kids to succeed. As they obviously have.
What's really great when you see documentaries about them you see their parents right there. In fact the whole family is on the road with them. Even the bonus Jonas, their little brother.
It does arm the heart and I'm glad Disney has an avenue for artists like this. They have what seems to be a safer place for kids to be stars.
When I was a kid you could watch the shows from 8 to 9 at night with the whole family on network TV. Not anymore.
But Disney is a haven. I can watch with my kids and or not and not have to worry about the content.
Go Mickey!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Hunk Eric Dane aka McSteamy

Eric Dane is not my fave of the three hotties on Grey's Anatomy.

He is my second fave. BUT.

That scene at the end of one of the season' is hot, hot hot.

I watched it and jumped my husband directly afterward. I mean directly.

I mean a hot man in just a towel. How can anyone resist that. I couldn't.

So here is Eric Dane for all to see in his towel glory. I mean GLORY! Woo hoo.

A man in a towel. What is not to love.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Silkie Black Cock

Wish I'd had a camera.
It's actually a type of poultry I saw at the local 4-H fair.
I love to see all the animals.
Up close and personl with my fave, the cows. They have such soulful eyes.
The horses that are just magnificent.
We always hope the llamas don't spit at us. Did you know that llamas are territorial and that they make great guard animals?
I want a lop-eared bunny. They had two really black ones that I just thought were adorable.
My kids went on lots of rides and we ate fabulous ice cream.
That's what I did yesterday instead of writing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night . . .
This post is about my favorite contest. I've never entered and having seen the winners, I'm not sure I'd come close. This contest is the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. Every year they pick the worse beginning of a novel.
This year's winner, Garrison Spik.
We talk so much as writers about great beginnings. But can we really write a bad beginning. Does it take more talent to intentionally write a bad beginning? For instance when you see an actor playing a dumb character is it easier when they are already dumb or does the actor have to be smart to get the nuances of why the character is dumb.
Thankfully I've never read any horrid beginnings to novels. I've read some that didn't grab me.
So, could you enter this contest? What would your entry be?
Feel free to comment below.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Hunk Stargate Guy

He's on Stargate. Not a show I watch, but sometimes I'm tempted. If it is on and I'm flipping through I'll watch as long as he's on the screen.
I first saw him on an episode of Dawson's Creek I didn't watch that often either but he had my pausing in my channel surfing.
I don't think I've ever seen him with combed hair. Sometimes he's clean shaven, but he's so hot.
I couldn't even tell you what else he's been in, but I'd follow him through a stargate anyday.
I don't even know anything about him. It doesn't matter. I think he's hot.
Is there anyone you've seen who it just doesn't matter if he's a serial killer, you just want to look at him because he is so attractive?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Here's an article about commitment. I found it really interesting. It pertains to writing very easily.
When we start a new book, it's like being strapped into a brand new rollercoaster. You have no idea where you are going. Will this book be published? But you have to be committed to see it to the end.
This is also true in life as this writer points out. You have to be committed to your life, to your marriage, to your kids, to your career.
No use doing something half way right? So write that book. Revise that book. Get feedback on it. Rewrite it. Polish it.
Send it out. There is no use spending that much time on something if you don't plan on sending it out. Why would you put that much effort into something if you don't plan on trying to get it published?
I guess there is art for art's sake, but I'm not one of those.
So send it out!
Make a commitment to that book. See it through until the end.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged to answer twelve questions by Helen Ginger
I'll give my answer to the questions and then I'll tag three people to answer them also. Hm. Who shall it be?
I'll think on it as I'm answering the questions.
1) Computer, longhand, or other?
Computer. I used to do longhand and them type it in but that takes too long. Plus I have a laptop and wireless so I can sit in any comfy chair I want.

.2) Coffee or tea?
Both I drink tea with breakfast and will have coffee later on in the day when I'm going to work. I do data entry and the office has a Kuerig coffee maker so I can make whatever I want.

3) Day or night?
I'm assuming you mean writing. Morning. That's when I have my creative energy. Though if I'm editing or revising I can do that anytime, anywhere.

4) Favorite genre to write?
Romantic comedy. I've only written two in that genre, but I had a really good time with both of them.
5) Pencil or pen to edit?
Pen. I truly hate writing with a pencil. Never do it unless I am doing math and I rarely do that on paper since I stink at it. And the ink must be black.

6) Unusual writing quirk or trait.
I had to think about this one. I write the first draft with mostly dialogue and very little description I call it the "naked in no-man's land" draft. I fill that all in on the second pass.

7)Writing from home or writing in a cozy café?
Home. I am so nosy that I get nothing done if there are people to watch.

8) Music or silence while your write?
Any music without words. If there are words I'll sing to it, but the music gets my creative juices flowing.

.9) Favorite motivational writing quote?
I don't have one.

10) Favorite bookmark?
All I ever use are those post cards that come in magazines. My husband reads a lot of them and he usually has some hanging around on his nightstand.

11) Favorite fictional character of all time?
James Bond And yes, I've read the books. And I love the movies.

12) Most admired living writer today?
Suz Brockmann. She delivers every time and she's a really nice person.
Now who to tag.

Caridad Pineiro
Irene Peterson
Ginger Simpson.
Tag you're it ladies.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Hunk - Clive Owen

Clive Owen came to my attention when I saw The Driver. It is a series of short films about a man who has to drive a BMW in various situations. One involves Madonna as a diva and was directed by Guy Ritchie. In fact all of them were directed by big name directors. Most were dark and gritty. And Clive Owen was the driver in each one.

When his name was batted around to replace Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond films I was pretty excited. I LOVE James Bond movies.

But that didn't happen.

So what did Clive Owen do?

He was in The Pink Panther with Steve Martin. He's Agent 006. He asks Steve Martin if he knows what that means. And Steve Martin as Clouseau responds, "It means you're not quite good enough."

I think it showed he could laugh at himself. Which if you read this blog ever you know I LOVE that in a man. Or in anyone.

Lord knows I have ample opportunity to laugh at myself. I digress.

Here's my question for this Friday.

Who would you have chosen to play James Bond?


Monday, August 4, 2008

Good news for mice

This article talks about a new drug that gives mice the same benefits as exercise.
I'm writing this after working out for an hour this morning.
I don't hate exercise. I do like the energy I get from it, but there are some days it just doesn't get done. This pill would be fantastic. I wouldnt feel guilty on those days. Or feel fat.

Right now it is only for mice.
Guess I still have to get my butt out the door to walk the dog.
There are weight loss products on the market.
But have you read the label for Alli?
Greasy explosive diarrhea. So pick up Alli and Depends.
I think I'll stay fat.
But here's the question.
If there was a pill that gave the same benefits as exercise would you take it regardless of the side effects?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Jerry Trainor of ICarly

This may be an odd choice for some for a Friday Hunk, but I have a soft spot for nerdy, artsy guys. Jerry Trainor is from a Nickelodeon show called ICarly. He is the guardian for his little sister Carly of the show's name.
He's an artist and a pretty cool brother. It is one of those shows I can watch with my kids.
This guys seems like he's having so much fun with the role of Spencer. He gets to be wacky, but still be the grownup who helps Carly through some normal teenage problems. The show isn't deep like an Afterschool Special, but it still can teach. It does lead to conversations with my kids sometimes.
And it looks like so much fun to shoot the show.
The other reason I like Spencer is he's a sock fanatic. Like I am. I don't have any that flash, but I'm working on finding them.
Plus, I've written a few manuscripts with nerds in them that I'm shopping around right now.
One I'm writing actually involves a webcast in it so it has been fun researching how that is done.
So maybe my pic is odd, but it makes sense to me.
Nerds rule the world.