Saturday, June 21, 2014

Author Rock Star Roundup

I missed doing this last week. Many deadlines.

Hugh Howey is talking about how publishing analysts get it wrong.

When Buddha wanted to show his followers the danger of subjective experience, he told them the story of several blind men who each encounter an elephant for the first time. Only feeling one part of this multi-faceted creature, each had a very different account. To anyone listening, they would think it impossible to believe that all the men were describing the same creature. And I feel something like this is going on with publishing right now.

Hugh Howey

Bob Mayer talks about surviving an earthquake.

While every year people on Florida worriedly follow the weather channel and track hurricanes, people in California, Oregon and Washington rarely check on the earthquake likelihood. There is a 62% chance San Francisco will have a 6.7 or worse earthquake by the year 2032. My friend, the bookie wouldn’t advise you to bet the under.

Read more here.

The Hachette Job. Enough said, from J. A. Konrath.

William Ockham linked to Lagadere-Hachette's Investor Day Presentation Brochure from May 28 on Twitter.

(Note that this presentation came after Amazon stopped stocking Hachette titles and removed pre-order buttons. So all of these things were said to investors while Hachette was in the midst of negotiations with Amazon.)


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