Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random stuff

Authorsday will begin again next week. Yeah!

This week I was in search of a toaster. Almost ten years ago we bought a Kitchenaid toaster after going through 3 cheap ones in a row. We paid more for it than I wanted, but we had high hopes.
And it has served us well, and alas it has broken.
My first instinct was to go to Amazon. I went to the Kithenaid website first to see what they had to offer. I guess ten years is a long time in terms of toast technology. The build 6 different kinds.
First stop, Kohl's. 3000 Cuisinarts. No Kitchenaid.
Then I went to Macy's. One Kitchenaid and only 2000 Cuisinarts.
I'm pretty loyal to the Kitchenaid brand. My dishwasher, mixer, food processor, double wall oven and my new fridge are all Kitchenaid. I'm sure Cuisinart is a good brand, but we're talking about an appliance that gets used minimum 2 times a day in my house. The toaster was the first appliance I taught my kids how to use. It's really important, especially to breakfast in my house.
Next place I went was Bed, Bath and Beyond since I had a coupon. 3500 Cuisinars. No Kitchenaid.
Where did I end up buying my toaster? Amazon. I really wanted to stimulate my local economy, but the fates were not having it.
The expected delivery date of my toaster is Monday.

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