Monday, November 30, 2009

ExcerpTuesday - Barbara Colley

Today I welcome mystery author Barbara Colley with an exeprt from her latest Dusted to Death. I think I've been close to that.

Excerpt from DUSTED TO DEATH

Keeping a wary eye on the rearview mirror, Charlotte breathed a tentative sigh of relief when a few moments later there was still no sign of the SUV. As she approached the intersection of Magazine and General Taylor, she began to breathe even easier. Then, as she approached Marengo Street she glanced into the rearview mirror yet another time, and instant fear shot through her. The SUV again, and only two cars separated it from her van.
Along with fear, panic welled in her throat. Her street, Milan Street, was just half a block away. What to do? What to do?
You need to buy time to think.
Charlotte gripped the steering wheel tighter, and eased her foot off the accelerator to slow the van down. Now what?
Think, Charlotte, think.
There was a good chance that the driver didn’t know her address, else why would he be following her in broad daylight, especially since she was listed in the phone book, for Pete’s sake, and anyone could find her? Had to be a spur-of-the-moment decision to go after her, she finally decided. Even so, there was no way she was going to lead him right up to her doorstep.
Charlotte continued driving slowly and passed up the turnoff to Milan Street. So what now? Should she just keep driving or . . .
Suddenly, out of the blue, she knew exactly what she should do, and she grinned. “I’ll fix his wagon,” she whispered.


As the owner of Maid for a Day, Charlotte LaRue has learned that behind closed doors, everyone’s dirty laundry holds a few dark secrets—and in the end, they all come out in the wash…

The city of New Orleans has long been a favorite backdrop for movie producers, and now one of Charlotte’s best clients, Bitsy Duhe, is getting in on the action. A big Hollywood studio wants to use Bitsy’s gorgeous Victorian house for a movie shoot and they are willing to pay her handsomely for the honor. Bitsy consents, but only after Charlotte agrees to take care of her beloved home during the shoot and keep the place spotless as only Charlotte can.
For Charlotte, the assignment is an exciting change of pace. On the first day, she meets the whole cast and crew, including one of Hollywood’s hottest ingĂ©nues, Angel Martinique. But Charlotte quickly discovers that Angel’s G-rated reputation is nothing like her off-camera, diva-like behavior. Angel, it turns out, is no angel at all…

Once the shoot begins, Charlotte has a front row seat to all the back stage drama: the director who wants to control his favorite starlet’s every move… the make-up artist whose talents with cosmetics can’t hide the mysterious bruises on her face… the bodyguard who is clashing with everyone on the set…. and Angel’s seemingly mild-mannered friend, Nick, whose shy demeanor hides a far more menacing side…

Despite all the tension, the movie seems to be going well—until Nick is found dead in Angel’s dressing room, a bloody letter opener lying just a few feet away. To Charlotte, it seems there is no shortage of suspects. But when the police investigation quickly zeros in on Angel, Charlotte senses there’s much more to her story than meets the eye. As Charlotte does a little digging into Angel’s past, she comes up with a bit more dirt than she bargained for—enough to put her in the crosshairs of danger if she doesn’t watch her step…
Thanks for joining me today Barbara.

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