Monday, March 8, 2010

ExcerpTuesday - Macie Carter

Today I welcome Macie Carter, an author of erotic romance. This books sounds like a lot of fun!

Teasing the Muse – Erotic Romance – Cougar Club – The Wild Rose Press

Popular erotic romance writer, Page Burns, seems to have lost the “hotness” in her writing, or at least that’s what her editor informs her. Is it because of her self-imposed celibacy after a bitter divorce, or because she’s forty and just not interested? When she meets a handsome young stranger at one of her book signings, she decides what she really needs is a muse--in her bed. Fantasizing about the young man is just enough to revitalize some of her sizzling words. Can a forty year-old woman bed a man ten years her junior? Should she even try? But what Page doesn’t realize is that she’s not the only one fantasizing about teasing the muse...

“I don’t want to become one of the divorce crazies—the women who hop from bed to bed just to prove they’re still desirable. Sex with the faceless stranger. Hell! I even wrote about it.”
“Your first book. I remember. You wrote it when
you were happily married to Mark.”
Page didn’t say anything. She was thinking about how much Myra had helped with that first book. Page stared at her new manuscript inundated with little yellow slips of paper.
Myra patted the stack of papers. “It doesn’t need
a lot of rewrite, Page,” she said. “The plot and the
characters are strong—your usual. It’s just the...Well, that’s what the stickies are—areas I’ve marked for changes.”
“I get it. I get it,” Page said more upset with
herself than her editor. “I have the hotel room for
two more days. I was going to meet my college roommate after the conference but she called last night to cancel. Story of my life. Good thing I didn’t check-out. Hotel room with room service—so no distractions. I’ll sit in the room and rewrite and rewrite and...”
An hour later Page was in the hotel’s large banquet room. Twenty long tables had been set up, each table had four authors and stacks of books. Page and three other “name” authors had their own smaller tables. Page’s books sat on either side of the basket of candy kisses and prophylactics she always had at her signings. She no longer needed chocolate and condoms to lure potential buyers to her books, but tradition was tradition and it was her way of promoting safe sex.
She had just finished signing for one flustered octogenarian when she looked up into a pair of dark green eyes. A man stood over her, a book in one hand and a hard hat in the other resting on his hip. Page took in his blue work shirt and dusty jeans. His dark hair was long and curled around a handsome face, a face that hadn’t seen even thirty years.
“Ms. Burns,” he said, handing her the book. His voice was deep with a slight southern accent. She took the book from him and brushed against his hand feeling a sudden electric surge.

Macie Carter is the pen name of award-winning author, Mitzi Flyte. After writing essays, mysteries, horror and paranormal short stories, Mitzi decided to stretch her writing muscles with something completely different. Teasing the Muse, to be released from The Wild Rose Press on March 26, is Mitzi’s first erotic novella.
Mitzi received her first rejection when she was twelve, many years ago; however, that didn’t stop her from writing and submitting. A member of Liberty States, she’s been the President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group and the Pocono Lehigh Romance Chapter of Romance Writers of America. When she’s not writing, Mitzi’s the Vice President of Nursing for a nursing home management company. She lives in Allentown, PA with two feline companions who have yet to critique her work.

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