Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I learned from Chopped.

I love the show Chopped on Food Network. It’s the only competition show on there I watch. Okay other than Restaurant Impossible, but to me that’s a restaurant version of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I want to cry for the last 10 minutes of it.

Anyway. What do I like about Chopped? Many things and I think we all can learn a lot about life while watching this show.

First off, you never know what will come your way. When those chefs open those baskets, all they know is what course they have to make. In life, you have no idea what is around the corner, but like those chefs you need to make the best of it.

Secondly, you must always try your best even if the outcome is not always pretty. Sometimes those chefs encounter an ingredient they’ve never heard of before the show. They must figure out how to cook it along with the other odd ingredients to make the best meal. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

Third, everyone makes mistakes. These are chefs, who cook for a living. Once in awhile they get chopped. Once in awhile they get chopped for a mistake in their technique. Once in awhile they get chopped just because someone’s dish is better than theirs.

Last, take critique. The last show I watched had this one chef who liked to trash talk. I thought he was going to be really arrogant in front of the judges. Instead, he took what they had to say with grace. He clearly listened to what the chefs were saying to him. Listen. Always. You may not always think someone’s advice is good, but always listen. You never know when you learn something.

That is why I think watching Chopped can be a life lesson.

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