Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Endings

Seeing as I always put romance into my books and some of what I've written is really romannce,
I LOVE a happy ending.
Here's a story about Amy Adams getting engaged. Not happy ending, but a happy beginning.
Amy Adams was in the movie Enchanted. I really enjoyed that movie.
Amy Adams as Giselle was so funny. As I spoke about in my last post, I enjoy when people can laugh at themselves. I provide myself with lot of material. Enchanted is all about Disney laughing at themselves in a way.
I also enjoyed Enchanted because I know someone just like Giselle. Everyone needs someone like that in their life. My friend is optimistic and idealistic, which is an interesting combination. Or at least I don't know anyone who is as idealistic as my friend. She truly believes she can change the world. I have to admire that. I stopped being idealistic when I had to put myself through college. Divesting of South Africa doesn't seem so important when you have to get to work so you can pay the rent.
So it is always refreshing to hear my friends take on things And she really wants to change her world.
I do toast her, knowing full well I'm just happy trucking along in my own life and doing what little I can do. I've never strived to change the world. Oh maybe way back in junior high I was idealistic, but I can't remember.
So because Amy Adams was in a movie with a happy ending and she's now engaged, I wanted to link to the article about her.
Someone else thought it was happy news also.

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