Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Hunk Eric Dane aka McSteamy

Eric Dane is not my fave of the three hotties on Grey's Anatomy.

He is my second fave. BUT.

That scene at the end of one of the season' is hot, hot hot.

I watched it and jumped my husband directly afterward. I mean directly.

I mean a hot man in just a towel. How can anyone resist that. I couldn't.

So here is Eric Dane for all to see in his towel glory. I mean GLORY! Woo hoo.

A man in a towel. What is not to love.



Caridad Pineiro said...

OMG that is one sexy picture. Too bad I'm at work.

Chris Redding said...

You'll have to go look at it again when you get home!

Helen said...

Isn't that the other hottie watching him?!

Kiersten said...

I love, love, LOVE this scene. This scene kept me tied to GREY'S ANATOMY for an additional season on doctor angst. Eric Dane sizzles and every-single-time I am just waiting for a corner of that towel to drop a little more.

Chris Redding said...

yes it is, but I have to say the McDreamy does nothing for me.
I prefer Alex and I think it is so sweet how he's carried a torch for Izzy all this time!

Irene said...

He's in a towel in front of some other guy.
That's just weird.
I guess I'll have to watch the show to get how sexy this guy is.

But he's either taking off the towel or getting ready to in front of this other guy? Just goes to show you how one needs to see the whole scene in order to appreciate it fully.

I still wonder about this other guy business, but then, I'm out of the Grey's Anatomy loop. As usual.

Lisa said...

Wow! Nice!