Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Hunk Stargate Guy

He's on Stargate. Not a show I watch, but sometimes I'm tempted. If it is on and I'm flipping through I'll watch as long as he's on the screen.
I first saw him on an episode of Dawson's Creek I didn't watch that often either but he had my pausing in my channel surfing.
I don't think I've ever seen him with combed hair. Sometimes he's clean shaven, but he's so hot.
I couldn't even tell you what else he's been in, but I'd follow him through a stargate anyday.
I don't even know anything about him. It doesn't matter. I think he's hot.
Is there anyone you've seen who it just doesn't matter if he's a serial killer, you just want to look at him because he is so attractive?


Irene said...

The show stinks, but he is worth watching. There's this other guy with dreadlocks. I don't know his name, but he's fine, too.

Sigh. Probably young enough for one of my daughters....

Caridad Pineiro said...

OMG he is a cutie. I'll have to check out the show! Thanks for sharing.


OOhh la-la ... Yes I like Joey F. But Jason Mamoa on the same show is more my guy..


Carol said...

I know it's cliche, but I love watching Brad Pitt and listening to Sean Connery. Can't help it. The new kids on the block don't quite do it, although, Dennis Quaid is someone I could be around and there was a cute kid in a Disney gymnastics/dance movie ...

Kathy Kulig said...

Good eye candy for sure. Thanks Chris. Haven't seen that show in a while, maybe I should take another look. I want to check out The Mentalist this season for another fine specimen. Kathy

Susan Schreyer said...

Jeez, Chris. All I see is "New Friday Hunk" on your e-mail post and I come flying over here quicker than my kids can ask for the newest video game. Guess we know what I like with my morning coffee! Thanks for the eye-candy. He's darned adorable...think I'll go look some more, I'm not done with my coffee yet!

Jenn Nixon said...

Some of my favorite hotties could work in the sewer system and I'd still want them.

Among the many, I swoon most over these guys-
Harrison Ford (All time fave)
Christian Bale
Colin Farrell
Jason Statham
Gary Dourdan
Michael Trucco (Anders on Battlestar)
LL Cool J
Kiefer Sutherland
Simon Le Bon and John Taylor!
Taye Diggs

Okay, this list is just getting too long. I'll stop here. lol

Teoh said...

Brad Pitt

I mean he can be DEATH (Meet Joe Black) or a crazy physco(12 Monkey) but he's still so .........

The following guys get my vote too!!
Hugh Jackman!!!!!
Harrison Ford
Christian Bale
Colin Farrell

Chris Redding said...

There is something about Jason Mamoa, too. I remember him from North Shore.
And you guys have some great ideas for future Friday Hunks!
Thanks for stopping by.

Helen Ginger said...

Haven't a clue who he is, but he is cute. I do like Dennis Quaid's smile. It makes me think of Kool-Aid (it's like the smile on the animated Kool-aid pitcher). Been watching so much Olympics, I'm starting to think Phelps is pretty darn cute.

Kim Smith said...

Good choice, Chris!

Chris Redding said...

But I'm old enough to be Phelps' mom.

Joyce Anthony said...

Okay--call me strange, but I have always been fascinated with Ricardo Montelban--that accent, those dark eyes--he has aged so well!!!!

Kiersten said...

Oh yeah, Joe's a hottie. I probably stayed with Atlantis through the first season just for him, but even he couldn't keep me after that. He did turn an extended turn on the fabulous 90s show CUPID with Jeremy Piven. You can see it on YouTube, but it's not in DVD yet. They're remaking the show this year, but it'll never be as good w/out the Piven.

I've got to stay loyal to my man Hugh Jackman, the triple threat. I'm also on the Christian Bale bandwagon and admit to a strange hankering for Jason Statham too. And how come no one's mentioned Viggo yet? And then there's Clooney who reminds me so much of Cary Grant. Clive Owen anybody? Daniel Craig? (I confess, I'm a woman who'll seriously consider lying down for a good accent.)

Sigh. This comment could keep me going for a while, but I'll just leave it at that. For now.