Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy News Monday - Less to worry about

We all need less to worry about.
I think the reason this article struck me is that I just saw someone I know who is due this week. She was pretty calm I have to say. Which is good.
I'm a pretty calm person. I was in Emergency Medical Services for a few years and you have to be a calm person to do that.
I don't think I worried that much when I was pregnant. Okay maybe about labor, but really that isn't odd.
In fact there's a test called Alpha Fetal Protein that they do during pregnanty. If the level is too high or low it can mean spina bifida or Down's Syndrome. At that point I was aborting the fetus and I had read about so many false positives that I declined the test. Why did I need to know?
I have two strapping boys now who eat me out of house and home.
Guess there was no need to worry and this article backs me up.
What did you worry about during pregnancy?

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