Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy News Monday - IFC Dance Marathon

$7,490,133.87 total. Damn good! #THON
Each February the Interfraterity Council at Penn State University holds a 2-day Dance Marathon. The money is raised for The Four Diamonds Fund. This fund goes to researching cures for childhood cancers
That weekend past was Thon weekend.

Thon is my one regret from college. I wanted to be a helper not a dancer, but I never did. I slept late that day and I didn't get to the meeting. Could I have called someone and volunteered? Probably. I just didn't. It was my last semester at PSU and it was a nutty one. I was working very hard taking a lot of credits.
I'm sorry to this day that I never did Thon. I once delivered pizza to Thon. That's the closest I've been.
All year long you see students with cans at intersection. I've seen them all the way in NJ.
Of course I give every time.
More than $50 million has been given since the event began in 1973.

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Morgan Mandel said...

Never look back and what you could have done. Just look forward to what you can do.

Morgan Mandel