Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy News - Daughers loving their bodies

New book teaches mothers to show their daughters how to love their bodies.
I know we are always blaming the moms, but a mother's self-image has a lot to do with what a daughter will think about her own body.
My mother was constantly on a diet. I thought that was normal.
Really not a big deal at this point in life, but I wish I had taken more control of my self-image at a younger age. I was thin, but I wore oversized clothes to hide.
Now, I'm more comfortable with my body.
And, yes, part of it is because I've lost some weight. 15 pounds in about 2 years. Not record breaking, but I have no desire to starve myself nor do I have the time to work out 2 hours a day.
I like my body best when I feel good.
It's taken a long time to even get to this point.
I admire those women who don't have issues.
I buy Dove products because of their Real Beauty campaign.
With eating disorders on the rise, we need to do something to combat them. I'm not big on the self-esteem movement that says we are all special, but in this case, we need to teach girls that the Hollywood ideal is not real. Here's a blog about a women who attempted to be a size zero.
Not worth it to me. Besides, I have hips. I have curves. I doubt I'd look good. At my smallest, pre-kids I was a six. I believe the average size of the population is 16.
Being a zero cannot be normal for most people.
And wouldn't it be boring to people watch if we all looked exactly the same?

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