Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recipe Wednesday - Robert D. Sutherland

I like when I get recipes from the male authors because I know so many of you do cook. My dh cooks and is a better one than I am. And I am teaching my sons to cook. So today Robert D. Sutherland shows us a winter fruit compote.

(Robert D. Sutherland)
Mix together:
chopped dried apricots
dried cranberries
black raisins
golden raisins
chopped apple(s)
cinnamon (1/2 tsp)
nutmeg (1/2 tsp)
pinch of cloves
powdered ginger (optional)
Cook until apples are done.
Liberally add chopped pecans.
May be served hot, or chilled overnight.
A dollop of vanilla yogurt is optional (but very good).

THE FARRINGFORD CADENZA. A Novel (The Pikestaff Press, 2007)
by Robert D. Sutherland


The Farringford Cadenza is a suspenseful, humorous mystery that subtly skews generic conventions to continually surprise readers with reversals of their assumptions and expectations. N. F. Trntl, a female private detective residing in New York is sent to Baltimore to find a music manuscript which, having been lost for thirty-four years, has been stolen at the moment of its discovery in the first of three burglaries occurring on the same night. At least ten individuals and groups are pursuing the manuscript for a variety of reasons and purposes, but most of them don’t know about the others as their paths continually cross. Involved in two murders, Trntl is confronted with repeated attempts on her own life as the pace quickens. It’s a story full of surprises, for both characters and readers.

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Sounds yummy and really easy to make. Thanks!

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