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ExcerpTuesday - Firebrand

Today you get two for the price of one. P.K. Eden are two friends of mine who write together. (And model their elves after me.)

By P. K. Eden

(Patt Mihailoff and Kathye Quick)

Amber Drake is the only person who can save three worlds from annihilation.

Only she doesn’t know it yet.

When the Garden fell at the beginning of time, the First One divided what was left into three:

Humans – administered by the descendents of the Adam and Eve

The Fae – watched over and protected by those who came from the Angel of the Garden

Trolls – ruled by those who evolved from the Snake who tempted

Each world was given a sword to protect those who would come and hope for the future in the form of a prophecy that foretold the coming of one born of all three bloodlines who could bring peace and harmony to all worlds and restore the Garden to glory.

But the tribred’s birth also initiates a series of events that start the Arpeggio Clock to begin the countdown to Armageddon and not everyone wants the clock to stop.

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ISBN 9781419911323

A Cerridwen Press Publication


The light was gone and so was Amber.

David felt the sharp edge of a rock sting his back but his right leg hung down, dangling in open air. Rolling to his left, he repositioned himself so he lay flat on his stomach. Leveling his gaze, he discovered he was on a stone ledge overlooking a deep precipice. He rose to one knee and rested his arm on his thigh as he tried to grasp some measure of reason.

He looked out over the barren landscape. Mountains of rock rose and fell before his eyes as the ground shook, the tremors rocking him from side to side. He held out his arms for balance until the shaking stopped. Below him fissures sliced the ground, the earth bleeding great rivers of molten rock running in lava streams in all directions.

Where was he and where was Amber?

Above him, he could hear men shouting and horses snorting in response to the sharp crack of splitting rock. “Here,” he shouted. “Down here!”

From overhead, a rope snaked its way toward him. “Grab on,” a voice called out in response to his cries.

David looped the end around his wrist. “Ready!” he called out. A moment later he dangled above the crag as his ally pulled him upward. At the top, a strong arm reached out and grabbed him, dragging him out of the air and across the edge of the pit. Once on solid ground he rolled onto his back and looked up into the face of his rescuer. “Father!” he cried, springing to his feet.

Sean McTavish grabbed his son solidly by the shoulders. “I’m glad you’re here, me boy.”

They clasped forearms in a firm greeting of father and son as a shadow fell over them. They looked up in unison. A winged shape passed overhead like a black cloud passing in front of the moon. Several of the soldiers nearby crouched, holding their arms above their heads as if to ward off a blow from above.

“The Dullahan,” Sean said. “The messenger of Gorash. The storm is coming. His army is close.”

“Have you seen Amber?” David asked above the ever-building wind. “We were together when she activated the Triad altar I was holding her, I swear I was, and then she was just gone.”

Sean could feel the overpowering anguish within his son and was about to offer what comfort he could when suddenly the earth shook with in a deafening rumble as a halo of light rose just beyond the gathering.

“Prepare yourself, son. It has begun.” He turned and as he did, the line of men behind him parted, a path appearing that led toward the glow.

He looked at his father’s face. Sean nodded slowly and David took off running toward the light. When he got to the corona, he dropped to his knees. He extended his hand toward the radiance. A single word rose above all other sounds swirling in the darkness.

P. K. Eden

P. K. Eden is the alter ego of writing partners Patt Milhailoff and Kathye Quick. From a mutual interest in fantasy and a love of the sci-fi channel, P. K. Eden was born in the living room of Patt Mihailoff’s home. Firebrand is the result of that unique blending of writing styles.

Kathryn Quick


Kathryn Quick writes contemporary and career romances for Avalon Books and romantic comedy for Wings Press. She is a founding member of Liberty States Fiction Writers. An organization formed to help further fiction writing in all genres.

Kathye’s fifth hardcover romance, ‘Tis The Season (Avalon Books), a holiday romance complete with Santa Claus, a sleigh ride and a New England snowfall. ‘Tis The Season was a 2006 HOLT Medallion finalist. Avalon has just released Kathye’s a three book contemporary romance series, GRANDMOTHER’S RINGS, a series that follows the Archer family and their quest to find love using rings given to them by their Grandmother. The books are entitled Amethyst, Sapphire and Citrine, the real-life birthstones of Kathye’s family. She is pleased that Sapphire was a 2010 National readers Choice finalist.

Kathye considers meeting Patt Mihailoff, the other half of the P. K. Eden writing team, only of the most extraordinary things in her life. With Patt as her writing partner, Kathye can release her interest in fantasy and love of the sci-fi channel onto paper. This unique partnership produced Firebrand, the first in what they hope is a three book series called The Treamen of Eden.

In her “other” life, Kathye works for Somerset County government. She is married with three sons.

Patt Milhailoff


2009 RWA/NYC Author of the Year, Patt Milhailoff, credits her mother for listening to her stories when she was young and encouraging her to do whatever she wanted to do. Always having a love of storytelling, she decided to enter a contest in Essence Magazine, which led her to begin her career in writing

Her first novel, Ring Dancer’s Destiny was released in October 2007 with Cerridwen Press. Upcoming releases include in 2007 The Baby Papers from Cerridwen press and for 2008 Zane’s Caramel Flava II and a C.N. Nesbitt’s powerful, A Dream Deferred Anthology from Streber Books/Simon and Schuster.

Because the cosmos are ever changing, the forces blew apart and released Kathye Quick into her life. An amazing turn of events led them to write their debut novel Firebrand released in Print in May 2010 by Wings ePress. This work of fantasy but realism to their lives and forged and unbreakable friendship and they are preparing for sequels to their novel.

Patt lives in Hillsborough, NJ with her husband, George.

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