Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ExcerpTuesday: Kellyann Zuzulo

Kellyann Zuzulo www.kfzuzulo.com Excerpt Tuesday THE GENIE IGNITES from Boroughs Publishing Group http://www.boroughspublishinggroup.com/books/genie-ignites EXCERPT A sucking sound like a jar of sauce being twisted open snapped Bethany to attention. She spun around to face the front of the stall. Wiping at the steam fogging the door, she saw the gray silhouette of someone standing outside the shower. Derek must have come in. He stood still, arms slightly raised from the sides of his body. If this were one of Bethany’s yoga classes, she could say he executed a classic mountain pose.
“Son of a …” Working up to a flurry of curses she grabbed for the stall door. The handle slipped from her grip as he pulled the door open. The chrome trim rattled. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Irritation spat out her words. “If you think …” The mist swirled around his body and against his neck. Despite the dense steam, Bethany felt a chill of recognition and froze. He was naked, his chest broad and hairless. His eyes, barely visible through the vapor, were golden. Eyes she’d imagined just now when looking at Derek, but not like Derek’s eyes at all. He lifted a foot over the lip of the shower door, his motion pushing her back into the stall. The door snapped shut behind him. Moving with quick grace, he cupped the full weight of one of her breasts. His touch was exhilarating, the movement familiar. For reasons that seemed idiotic - her body telling her she knew him, had enjoyed the caress of his hands before - she didn’t scream, but flattened her palm on his chest and pushed. Firm, pliant skin coursed beneath her fingers, feeling real and solid. “Hold on.” She brought her gaze up to his eyes and her heart flipped in her chest. An urge to run - to push past him and flee out of the room and out of all knowledge of who this man was and why she felt that he had a right to be standing before her, imposing and expectant - flashed and faded. Anticipation held her immobile. From the moment she had seen Minister Zubis at the embassy, she knew it would come to this. Maybe not a rusty shower stall in Italy, but a face-to-face liaison that may or may not include clothes. BLURB Bethany O'Brien is like any 21st-century woman with ambition, aspirations, and barely time for romance. When the man of her dreams steps out of her past and into her real world, danger follows. An exotic stranger with eyes like a sandstorm, Zubis is the jinni who can never forget her. He calls her beloved. Others call him evil and seek to destroy him. Bethany must find out for herself. Her quest for truth leads across three continents to a world of magic and mystery. Their story paused three thousand years before, in the Temple of Solomon. Now it must resume. Zubis alone can grant her heart’s truest wish.
BI0 A former journalist, Kellyann Zuzulo is a published author, freelance editor, and a Curator for Daily eReads. Her most recent novel is The Genie Ignites from Boroughs Publishing Group. As a curator, she identifies titles in the thriller and crime fiction genres for promotion on the Daily eReads site. Kellyann lives in Pennsylvania and is currently working on the next book in The Zubis Chronicles series. Visit her website at www.kfzuzulo.com. ####

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