Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Excerpt of Freakout


Lilian J. Gardner was born in British India, and moved to South Africa after her marriage.
At present she is living in a town near Venice, Italy, where she does voluntary teaching in State Schools, to Elementary and Middle school immigrant students, to bring them up to class level. Her pastimes are writing any genre of fiction, fantasy, song lyrics and listening to people’s life stories. She has decided to share her stories by publishing them on the Internet. Her husband is an ex-fighter pilot and enjoys cooking and playing piano. They both love cats, gourmet tourism and entertaining.

FREAKOUT (blurb)
The ordinary life of the Scott family tips
off balance when a big, black bird flies into the garden and repeats that it is 'Abe.The too-curious family cat, Joshua, will be its first victim. From this moment on, Abe will be an elusive, overshadowing presence in their life; but who, or what, is really Abe? This is an engaging story that rapidly builds up to reveal a twisted character and an ‘unguessable’ finale.

FREAKOUT (excerpt from chapter 8)
*** Neil parked and the two men got out of the car, careful not to bang the doors. They approached Abraham Wilkins’s house cautiously, made sure there was no one in sight, before creeping up to the front door. “Hush!” Neil said, putting a finger to his lips and his ear to the door. “That’s Glenda’s voice. She’s trying to persuade Bentley to set her free. Come on, we’ve got to get her out.” He turned the door knob as slowly and silently as he could, but the minute he opened it, the lights went out. ***

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