Friday, February 7, 2014

Tips for the beginning author

An experienced writer knows that talent is not everything you need to become a great author. These are only a few tips to help a beginning writer in honing his/her skills.

How to start?

Start with short stories. Writing short stories disciplines and teaches to write complete stories. Besides, it prevents from becoming a graphomaniac. You may start the story from the middle, gradually explaining the details to the reader.

The plot

There is a misconception that the plot needs reveal a unique story. Take any book of the great classics and try to analyze the uniqueness of the story. Let’s remember “Anna Karenina”, classical Russian novel. Remember the train, it was the latest technology at the time of Lev Tolstoy. This was a successful marketing trick. The entire novel describes the way a woman came to such a tragic end. The point is that the reader is interested in the way you are telling a story, this approach should not be trivial. In other words, you may choose a plot as old as the hills and show a unique narration which is highly appreciated by the reader.


The reader wants to be deceived. That’s how interesting stories are born. First, you show an action plan to the reader. Thus, your reader will agree that there is logic in your narration. And then you suddenly break the whole plan, put the main character in almost hopeless situation. A curiosity rises inside of your reader, now everybody wants to know the way out of a difficult situation. A talent to amaze people is the main quality of a good writer.

Adding details.

Write the whole story and create a solid frame for your writing talent. When the story is finished, it’s time to stretch it by adding descriptions. But be careful! If ten pages of your book are devoted to a description of a conversation between two characters, your reader will get bored faster than you think. Try to add some action on every page.

Hopefully, these easy tricks will be useful for a young writer at the beginning of his/her career.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a talented young writer creating books and movies reviews. Melisa’s articles can be also found at guest posting">guest posting.

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