Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blog Etiquette

Here's all you need to know about appearing on this blog.

Just ask. All I need to know is that you wrote a book. I'll even feature erotic romance. As long as the excerpt is G rated.

What else can you do? Ask nicely and ask me when I have an opening. Or ask me if I have an opening in the time frame you need. I may. I may not. I'll try to accommodate you.

Get me your blog post on time. That means at least a week prior to the date I give you. I'm very firm on this, though if some life catastrophe happens and you let me know beforehand that you'll be late, that's okay. Life happens. I get it.

Get me all the material I've asked for. I will not chase you down.

What shouldn't you do? Send me a blog post if we've never discussed a date. I may not remember that I've offered you the spot. If I have an e-mail trail (which I keep) then I know what we discussed.

What else shouldn't you do? Put me on your newsletter or e-mail list. I can't be on everyone's.

What is one more thing you can do? Offer to reciprocate. I would love to be on your blog and will happily follow your rules.


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