Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#running Great Ideas

I'm always looking for different ways to incorporate parts of my life into my writing. Either via promotion or blog posts or just having a character exercise. I've had my characters do yoga or be a runner. Probably because it is an important part of my life.

The other day I got the great idea to share a picture of something on my run. I'd share it here on my blog. Then a snow storm hit. Almost three feet.

What does that mean for my outdoor running? It won't happen until the snow melts. The upside of this is that I'm watching movies, which I love, while I'm on the treadmill. The downside is that it would be the same picture everyday if I took a picture on my run.

Sigh. Great ideas, right?

Once Spring has sprung I will be posting pictures from my run.

Meanwhile I want to put a call out to other writers who work out and let me know your story. I'll post them here.

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