Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy News - Stayin' Alive

The Bee Gees have the right beat.
The University of Illinois did a study and found that the Bee Gees 1970's hit Stayin Alive has the right beat for doing CPR. Think about it. You could hum that song and save someone's life.
Why did I pick this story to highlight today?
Because in February of 2009 I will be an American Heart Association CPR instructor for 15 years.
And anything that makes it easier for the everyday person to save a life, I'm all for it. I've lost track of how many people that I've taught CPR to. I could get you the number for this year if you really want. It's probably big. I've taught a lot this year.
What I don't know is if anyone has saved a life. Well, I do know someone who saved thier daughter from choking not long after I taught them to do the Heimlich Maneuver. Has anyone been saved by me teaching? I'd like to think so, but really if I were to stop teaching then I could assume no one will be saved.
But it takes the person on the street. The EMT's and paramedics and police officers may take a few minutes to get there. If you know CPR you can save that person. You can keep thier brain alive by pumping blood through it by performing CPR.
Isn't that powerful? The longest class is four hours long. That isn't a lot of time. Whose life could you save?
So sign up for a cpr course today.


Anonymous said...

I was an R.N. and haven't worked in a long while, but I still take the CPR course. I expect to take it again this year. It's changed quite a bit, so those who took it years ago might want to take it this year.
I have a blog. I have a few nice pictures on it you might like to see. Ann Ambrosio

Morgan Mandel said...

Good idea. CPR might come in handy some day.

Morgan Mandel