Monday, August 4, 2008

Good news for mice

This article talks about a new drug that gives mice the same benefits as exercise.
I'm writing this after working out for an hour this morning.
I don't hate exercise. I do like the energy I get from it, but there are some days it just doesn't get done. This pill would be fantastic. I wouldnt feel guilty on those days. Or feel fat.

Right now it is only for mice.
Guess I still have to get my butt out the door to walk the dog.
There are weight loss products on the market.
But have you read the label for Alli?
Greasy explosive diarrhea. So pick up Alli and Depends.
I think I'll stay fat.
But here's the question.
If there was a pill that gave the same benefits as exercise would you take it regardless of the side effects?


Pat McDermott said...

Thanks for reminding me to get away from my computer and do some exercise besides typing and scrolling, Chris! No, I don't think I'd take any such pill before it underwent thorough testing. Other "miracle" drugs have left people terribly damaged. Though except for the Depends, the idea is tempting . . .

Unknown said...

I don't even like to take aspirin, so I probably would be afraid, but I've decided to believe in TV Ads...I'm thinking if I eat Nutri System Food, I'm going to look like their latest 'model'. According to them, I'll be able to wear a bathing suit THIS summer and look amazing in it. It's already August so there isn't much time left, but I'm wondering where all those stretch marks and surgery scars are going to go when I don that bikini that I've never been able to wear.

It's life amazing?


Chris Redding said...

You are too funny!
If you sign up for Nutrisystem make sure you get lots of toilet paper.
"nuf said.

Meg said...

I don't think I would take that pill, but then, I am phobic about taking pills because of some of the reactions I have had to different things in my life.

I don't like "quick fix" ideas anyway.