Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy News Fashion Show

Fashion Show
Check out this fashion show in Japan.
What were the models wearing? Adult diapers.
Now here's a case of actually acknowleding the elephant in the room. We are all going to get old. Our life expectancy is 77.8 years. I have longevity in my family. My maternal grandfather was 79 back in the 70's when he died. My father lived to be 92. I currently have two uncles still alive. One is 90 and going for alternative cancer treatment in Mexico. (His cancer, we suspect, is from what he was involved in during WW2) This uncle still drives and takes care of his own house. The other uncle is 88. He can run circles around people half his age. He gardens and goes to church every day. Other than my uncle, there is no cancer on that side of the family.
So I could, one day, have to wear adult diapers.
So Japan, who has an aging population, has decided to bring the subject out into the open. I have to admire that.
But it still sucks to get old. More so if you aren't healthy.
I think if I have to be hold, I want my mind to go first so that I have no idea that I'm in diapers.
What bothers you most about aging?


Tx Lyn said...

It kind of bugs me that my daughter is getting gray hair. Bugs me worse that it costs so much to cover it up. Don't people know that's what red hats are for?

But I guess everybody expects us all to live forever. We just got a 30 year mortgage. We're 61 & 63, so I guess the bank has us pegged as folks with longevity in our genes.

PS: My mom lives with us, too, but she no longer covers her gray hair. Happy Monday!

Vivian Zabel said...

Yes, we either get old or die before we do. Personally I prefer aging to the alternative.

However, in order to write everything running around in my head, I need to live at least another 30 years.


Chris Redding said...

LOL Vivian.
Tx Lyn, there is nothing wrong with being optimistic.

Maryannwrites said...

Losing mobility and/or clarity of mind scares the you-know-what out of me.

Not sure what I think of a fashion show featuring adult diapers. On one hand, it is good to know what is available, but on the other hand, aren't some things just private? I have the same objection to advertising personal hygiene products, underwear, and toilet paper. These are all necessities that we all buy and we don't need some advertising to remind us.

Then again, I'm a curmudgeon. :-)

Kim Richards said...

The only thing which bugs me about aging is how people start treating you as if you are also growing dumber. Sheesh!

Helen Ginger said...

Pain. My left knee is already hurting when I go up stairs. I'm not looking forward to getting old.

Chris Redding said...

I agree with fem hygiene products

Elaine Cantrell said...

The only good thing about getting old is that you are still alive.

Elaine Cantrell

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Chris,
The diapers, sound bad, but dribbling (from the mouth), I think would be worse.
Margaret Tanner