Friday, September 26, 2008

Hot Friday Hunk - Hugh Grant

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I have an affinity for nerds.

That's why I find Hugh Grant attractive. He plays these beffuddled heroes that are just so cute you want to squeeze him. My fave is his Prime Minister in Love Actually.
He goes around what for him is a dodgy neighborhood to find the woman he loves. Then he has his entourage take them to the pantomime at the local village school.
On top of that he has an accent. Remember in A Fish Called Wanda where Jamie Lee Curtis' character went nuts when he spoke Italian. That's almost me when someone has an accent. I had a boss once who had a southern accent. He would always ask me to do the dirty jobs because he knew I would all because of the accent.
But not every accent is attractive and since I have no desire to offend anyone I won't say which ones.
Some are more attractive than others.
A French accent, especially because everything sounds beautiful in French.
So what accent do you find the most attractive?


Kim Smith said...

Irish. definitely. and i love hugh. thanks Chris!

Irene said...

Australian ain't half bad, either, because you can smile when you speak that way. Think about it.

Caridad Pineiro said...

I love nerds. That's why I love THE BIG BANG THEORY and CHUCK.

As for Hugh, I loved him best in TWO WEEKS NOTICE with Sandra Bullock. The scene where he is flopping around as he tries to find a new bed is hilarious!

Amy Heffernan said...

I am drawn to just about any accent a man can have ... Irish, Scottish, English, Australian, Southern, Canadian ... not sure what it is, but I melt like butter when I hear one.

I loved Hugh in FOUR WEDDING AND A FUNERAL. Seeing men in kilts was an added bonus *G*!

Kiersten said...

FOUR WEDDINGS is the best Hugh Grant vehicle, but then that whole cast rocks. LOVE ACTUALLY is a close second. I love the house to house search too coupled with the Pointer Sisters dance-along - classic. I'd throw in ABOUT A BOY there too. The meta-commentary is a riot.

Send me a hot (or even just marginally attractive) man with an Irish, Scottish, English, or Welsh accent and see me assume the position. I'm just soooo easy for such accented guys!! Which explains why I watch so much BBCAmerica TV. Australian runs a quick second (or fifth!) behind them (Hello Hugh Jackman!) and then the Southern.

I'm not terribly picky, apparently.


Chris Redding said...

I see I'm not alone in my affinity for accents.

Shelley Munro said...

I really loved the movie Love Actually and haul it out every Christmas to rewatch. I like Irish and Scottish accents. Very sexy!

Tx Lyn said...

Oh, yes, Irish & Scottish. Maybe English, depending on whether I can understand it. Here in Texas we have lots of folks with graceful, soft Mexican accents. No, it is not the same as Spanish. Also Italian. And have you ever heard a true Bavarian accent? So rich and lovely. Mm. Thanks for bringing up these thoughts.

Brenda J Weaver said...

Hey Chris,
I find french very attractive because it gives the impression of romance. But I also find austrailan, welsh, irish and scottish very romantic as well!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Hugh Grant movie is TWO WEEKS NOTICE, he is the ultimate nerd in that, and Sandra Bullock is the queen of nerds. I adore Hugh Grant.

As for accents, my hubby is Pakistani and it is just kinda sexy with the broken dialect, but nothing does me in like a smooth sexy Italian accent. Mama Mia!