Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy News Quote

I found this at Happy News.
"Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile... initially scared me to death."
– Betty Bender

I hate change. No, what I really dislike is the anticipation of change. You are riding along and life's treating you okay then you find out something has to change. Or something is going to change. It may not be anything drastic, but I still get agita when I learn about it.
My office moved at the beginning of the year. This was actually a change I looked forward to. We'd been next to the morgue and now we were moving to brandy new offices. Yeah! I would now have my own computer.
Worked out great.
Now I'm sharing my office with someone. Nice guy. Love to work with him, but now the office isn't just mine. I knew this would happen, but here's a change I didn't anticipate. I have to move items around. I have to realize that I now need to accommodate another person.
This has been a year full of change. I started the year with two books I was anticipating being released. One was not as far along in the editing process as I thought. And for reasons that had little to do with the publisher, I pulled it.
Then the other publisher dissolved.
So now I have nothing coming out. That's scary.
I quit a job I'd been doing for 8 years. That was really scary.
But all of those things have been good in the long run.
Back to the quote.
I know rationally change is good, but thinking about it still gives me agita and I have to let myself feel it and move on.
Good life lesson.
So how do you feel about change?


Margaret Tanner said...

i don't like change either. I am a creature of habit, changes stress me out.

Irene said...

There's some famous saying that the only sure thing in life is change (or something like that) so I always know it is coming, I just may not be happy with what happens.
I don't adapt easily.
When the computer updates, things are never the same and I never seem to get "more", only less than I had before.
But change does keep one from living in a rut. Is that good or bad?
I don't know any more. Perhaps I'll change my mind about this, too, someday.


I think what we all are, is a little AFRAID of change. Since no one can see the future we tend to tiptoe into the river of uncertainty. After we get good and wet we find that it’s not so bad. We are all comfortable in our own routine and when something comes along to change it we get a little antsy.

There are some things I’d like to change, Rap music for instance, I’d replace it with Johnny Mathis any day of the week. I’d like to change the fact that Editors and Publishers don’t always see that a NEW AUTHOR has worth and they should take a chance. I’d change all the reality shows into something with a little more historic and/or educational value.

Chris, you’ve had some really good stories published, the fact that one or two of your current stories are in limbo, don’t sweat it, CHANGE IT… keep sending it out until someone takes it, and they will.

Helen Ginger said...

Change is scary because it's the unknown. Once change becomes ordinary and known then it's okay. But it's the dread and anticipation of change that most of us don't like. Clearly, not all change ends up being good. But, for the most part, change isn't as bad as we anticipated.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Change is scary. I guess that's why I've been at my current place of employment for so long. Well, that and friends.

Friends and family are the constants for me that give me the courage to accept change when change is needed.

When is change needed? I guess that's tough to say. Certainly when things no longer bring you pleasure or when they are not working the way you want, you need to ask yourself why and if it's necessary to do something different.

It's been like that for me with writing. When my first line folded, I had to change. It was really really rough, but eventually, things worked out.

It's tough that you had those bumps in the road with the writing, but I know you'll get over the bumps. They just slowed you down a little, but you'll be able to regain your momentum.

Kim Smith said...

erm. Change messes with me. I guess I was more adaptable to change when I was younger, but now, I am set in my ways. I have a routine, and when it gets clobbered, I get pretty nasty. Sigh. Hate to admit that, but well, there it is.

OK. Now I feel like I have a weight lifted off me. Thanks Chris (aka the shrink I always needed :)

Chris Redding said...

I wrote that post before my crappy day started. Good thing, too. It would have been snarkier.
I actually am adaptable. But I forget I am and like Helen said the anticipation of change is hard.
And being in writing limbo isn't easy.

the author said...

Hi Chris,

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Wendy said...

Since stories begin at the moment when the hero's status quo is threatened by change, then I guess we writers should embrace change, good or bad. Thanks for this post Chris.

Kiddo Writers said...

I'm usually ok with change unless its change just for change sake. You know the type- everything is working fine, but someone feels they need to shake it up and usually its to my detriment. This happens to me all the time at work. "Hey! Who moved my cheese?"

Kim Richards said...

I think how one handles change depends upon whether they chose to make the change or it's forced upon them (like divorce, for example). I've always hated change but things seem to get better afterwards and I'm left wondering why I balked. LOL

Lillie Ammann said...

Change is always difficult, but often things are better after the change. But sometimes it's worse ... I guess that's why we dread it so much. We always anticipate that this change will be worse.