Friday, October 3, 2008

Hot Hunk Friday - Hugh Jackman

I saw him in Kate and Leopold and then in X-Men. Not only is he hot, he has talent.
And an accent to die for.
He was on Inside the Actor's Studio a few years ago and I enjoyed the interview. What really struck me was how much he obviously loved his wife. I think that is hot in a guy. Really. It was like a line in a rerun of Reba last night. Cheyenne and Van were talking about marriage and equating it to being in a candy store. Van told Cheyenne she was the only candy he saw in the store.
And that he'd love to unwrap her.
My husband just smiled and nodded at me.
That was how Hugh looked at his wife. As if she were the only candy in the store.
That's powerful and since I write romance it is an idea I want to incorporate in all of my books.
Do you think love in marriage should be that powerful?


Kiersten said...

Hugh is MY MAN! I adore him. Triple threat. He's an extremely talented guy and an admirable one too. He has a sterling, well-earned reputation. I saw that episode of Actor's Studio and know exactly what you're talking about. It's especially endearing when you realized she's at least 10 years or more older than him.

LOVE. HIM. (in case that wasn't quite clear.)

Irene said...

I almost caught his sweaty towel when he did The Boy from Oz. Some bitch ripped it out of my hands.

Wait, that sounds just a little sick, but it was HUGH'S. In person, what a manly guy. I would not throw him out of bed for eating crisps.

Anonymous said...

My marriage has lasted 31 years and the love and sex is still good in it too. So yes, it can.

Maggi Andersen said...

Hugh is a great Aussie man, we breed some awfully cute ones. I think it shows great character that a man sticks by his woman through thick and thin. As Paul Newman did.
Maggi Andersen

Kiersten said...

His towel?! Really, Irene?? I'm hyperventilating over here...