Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Word Wednesday - Panache

panache \puh-NASH; -NAHSH\, noun:
1. Dash or flamboyance in manner or style.
2. A plume or bunch of feathers, esp. such a bunch worn on the helmet; any military plume, or ornamental group of feathers.
I knew about the first definition of panache, but not the second. I'd take it as a compliment if someone said I had panache. Since I'm an anti-fashionista I don't think that's going to happen. I have a pretty strong, outgoing personality, but to call me flamboyant would be taking it too far. Someone once likened me to Tigger. He doensn't have panache, just lots of energy.
Which is how I am around people. I feed off of that energy. My last review at work described me as "an active instructor." I think it meant I drove my boss nuts when he worked with me. I could not stand still.
Put me at a conference with 450 people and I'm the Energizer Bunny. And that's where I'll be this weekend.
Back to the word. I can't think of anyone who has panache. I probably knew some people in high school who did.
So, do you know anyone with panache?


Wendy said...

Audrey Hepburn had that distinctive and stylish elegance one thinks of as panache, so did Zoro and Jack Sparrow, but although Sophia Loren was sexy she lacked panache in my opinion.

Chris Redding said...

Yes Audrey Hepburn had panache. I agree.

Brenda J Weaver said...

Wow do have Panache in your writing because you can put 'feeding off everyone's energy' and 'energizer bunny in the same sound like an electrified vampite! your blog!