Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Word Wednesday - Melee

melee \MAY-lay; may-LAY\, noun:1. A fight or hand-to-hand struggle in which the combatants are mingled in one confused mass.2. A confused conflict or mingling.From is one of those words that I think sound like what it means.Melee. Say it out loud.It just sounds like confusion. That there is a lot going on.I don't think I've used it in my writing, but I haven't really had a melee in my writing. Maybe I should?I'm working on a romantic comedy. Do you think a melee could be funny? A food fight. That would be a melee. I don't see myself putting a food fight into a book. I watch too many Disney Channel movies not to think a food fight is a cliche.Or do you think it connotates a bad happening? A prison riot? I could put that in one of my romantic suspense manuscripts. Hmm. A thought.I always tell people you should start the book right before something big happens. Drop me in the yard right before the riot.I will have to think on that.Can you think of a sentence or a situation where a melee would be funny and not be a food fight?Thanks,cmr


Unknown said...

I'm very familiar with the word. There is always some sort of melee in my life, unfortunately. :)


KM Fawcett said...

How about a melee of little kids diving for the goodies that burst from a piƱata? Or a melee of single women fighting over the bridal bouquet? I know that's been overdone but how can you not chuckle at grown women in gowns diving on the floor? Of course then there is the melee of grown men diving over each other to catch a ball at the stadium. I guess the type of melee depends on a person's priorities.

Wendy said...

The marriage of Romeo and Juliet was a serene affair, conducted in a tiny chapel, but at the huge wedding reception the guests on both sides of the family created a melee.

Kiersten said...

Excited by the super discount sale, Susan bravely dived into the shopping melee.

I like the R&J one too.

Chris Redding said...

You guys are good.