Friday, November 7, 2008

Hot Hunk Friday - Patrick Warburton

He may be an odd choice, but I have this thing about men's voices. My first voice crush was a DJ in Philadelphia on WMMR named Pierre Robert. He has the best voice. Since moving out of that area, whenever I'm near Philly I tune in to see if he's on. He isn't the most attractive person, but man does he have a great voice.
So does Patrick Warburton. It's deep and gravelly.
The funny thing is you don't notice how nice someone's voice is if you hear it every day. I forget that was one of the things I found attractive about my husband until some friend of mine talks on the phone with him and then comments on what a great voice he has.
One of the things my heroes have in common are great voices. I've even given a few heroines good voices, too.
My mother had a deeper voice, but hated it. Mine's not super deep, but there are squeaky noises that a friend can't make that I am incapable of duplicating.
So, what actor or person in your life has a great voice?


Morgan Mandel said...

I don't like my voice. It's too deep. I was an alto in the high school choir and always wanted to be a soprano.

Morgan Mandel

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Chris, great post. I'm not sure who Patrick Warburton is, but I'll keep an ear out for his voice.

I like how you give your heroines nice voices. My heorines do all sorts of things I can't do...sing, play musical insturments, have great sex lives...ooops, didn't mean to say

Anna Kathyrn