Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot Hunk Friday - Dr. Travis Stork

There is a show on during the day. Actually in the morning where I am. I watch it while I'm working out. It's called The Doctors. There's a pediatrican, a plastic surgeon, an ob/gyn and of course Dr. Travis Stork, ER doctor.
I love the show because I think it is no-nonsense without being stupid or treating people as if htey are stupid. There isn't fancy medical jargon, but there is sound advice.
And of course I like medical stuff.
And Dr. Travis Stork is not hard to look at. Being involved in emergency medicine is a plus also. As regular readers know, I'm a CPR instructor and I've been a member of a rescue squad for some time now.
From my research, he was on The Bachelor at one point. That isn't one of the shows I watch so I had no idea he was already a celebrity.
But he could play doctor with me anytime.
I haven't seen too many hot doctors, and I work in a hospital. My dog's vet is pretty nice looking and the oral surgeon who took my wisdom teeth at was pretty hot.
Did you have a nice-looking doctor at some point?


Anonymous said...

I like that show too. Hmmm - hot doctors? Well, tell the truth I don't really notice (smile) Now if ya wanna talk hot nurses, oooo yah. I had neck surgery last April and this chick that cared for me cut my recovery time in half. Brunette, built, mid-30's, long legs, smile that melted ya with the dimples and everything, and - no wedding band.

I had one on though, so sigh, hadda let THOSE thoughts go (lol)and I'm a happily married man. But Brenda, God love ya, you made my two day stay at the hospital a whole less of a pain in the neck (smile).

Chris Redding said...

LOL. Marvin,
just because you've already ordered doens't mean you can't look at the rest of the menu.
I'm happily married also

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Chris,
Ooh, Dr Stork looks yummy. I work in the medical field (Radiology), but none of the medicos I work for look like him. Drat. My doctor doesn't either, bless her heart.
Well put Chris. Married men are allowed to look, but don't touch. I guess the same goes for married women???

Chris Redding said...

Same for married women.
I wouldn't cheat, but I can look!

Morgan Mandel said...

My oral surgeon was a hottie, too. when I went for my consultation, I couldn't help staring at him.

He took out all my wisdom teeth. I haven't seen him since, which is just as well.

He may be nice to look at, but I'm not interested in future visits. I'd like to keep the rest of my teeth!
Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

Travis Stork is sure a hunk infact I look at him every day I watch the show. I just can't get enough of him. I am so happy he is single cause maybe one day I could hook up with him cause I am single too.