Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Word Wednesday - resplendent

resplendent \rih-SPLEN-duhnt\, adjective:very bright or shining; splendid

This is one of those words that I think sounds like what it means. It’s not a word I would use in my writing, but if I were writing an historical, I would probably use it more. To me it seems like an old word.
We don’t have things that are resplendent anymore. The world makes me think of Versailles or Buckingham Palace.
You wouldn’t say a Yugo is resplendent. You wouldn’t even say a BMW is nor a Merecedes. It’s an old word for old fancy things.
Have you used it in your writing?


Kathryn Lilley said...

Great word, Chris! In addition to conveying a sense of grandeur of old, I sometimes use the word to gently mock a self-inflated character, as in, "He arrived for the party looking resplendant in his custom-tailored white tie and tails; however, this was a backyard barbecue."

Morgan Mandel said...

I don't recall using the word resplendent in any of my books. I can see it going in a contemporary book for emphasis. Maybe I'll try it some time.

Morgan Mandel