Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy News Monday - Beth Isreal

A hospital with heart.
I work for a hospital in my real life. That's why I first read this story. I work for hospital that's dong well. I work in the Emergency Medical S ervices department and, really, as long as people do stupid things, EMS will be a thriving department.
I read this story with great interest. It was really heartwarming to me. High tide raises all boats.
And that's what those employees understood. If they all took little cuts than those who can't afford to lose their job, will be okay. And so will the hospital.
It's nice to see.


Anonymous said...

Chris, a friend is interested in the male POV workshop for NEORWA in July. When I tried to visit your website I got the following message:

Parser Error Message: The file '/MasterPage.master.vb' does not exist.

Apparently something has happened to your site and I could find no other way to get in touch with you.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I was once with a company that gave everyone a 10% paycut for six months so they wouldn't have any layoffs. Worked fine, and I don't think we even noticed the cut. Smart in many ways, good citzen and good business.

Chris Redding said...

Bart I sent you an e-mail.
I think.
Here's the URL if you stop back.