Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy News Monday - Heart Healthy Kitchen

Stocking a heart healthy kitchen may be easier than you think.
You probably think I'm just beating you over the head with this topic. It's my thing. I've been an American Heart Association CPR instructor for 15 years. I work in a hospital. It's my thing.
And I know two people only in their 50's who have had heart attacks in the last four months. One had a quintuple bypass.
It's my thing.
Prevention is the key. Yes, there are risk factors you cannot prevent. Heredity is a big one. But you can take statins to prevent cholesterol build up if that is the problem. It seems to be a win-win because of so few side effects.
There are risk factors you can prevent. Stop smoking. Lose weight. Exercise.
I know it isn't always easy. Nothing worth anything in life is.
But take that first step. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park a little further from the store than you usually do.
You don't have to change your whole lifestyle overnight.
Not unless you have a heart attack.
But I want you to prevent that.
So what can you do this week? What can you do to reduce your risk of heart disease?

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