Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy News Monday - Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty reopens.
This is so cool.
A few years ago, my extended family and I went to see the Statue of Liberty. What I thought was my grandfather came through Ellis Island so we included that in the trip. We later found out it was our great-grandfather.
I was on a cruise years ago as a teen and came back into NY Harbor so I can imagine what Lady Liberty must have looked like to weary immigrants looking for a better life. She probably was a beacon
I'm all for caution, so I can understand why part of her was closed. You could stand in the base and look up to the crown. Not the same thing. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to go up in her crown.
So this news is cool.
And it is also cool, because it means the terrorists have not won. They have not changed our way of life. They have not annihilated it like they want to.
So this is happy news and hopefully I can visit her again in the future and really see things from her crown.


Aimlesswriter said...

I think I have vague memories of actually going up into the torch. Maybe I was in grammer school?
Is my age showing?

Kathye Quick said...

I remember the view from the crown. It's awesome. Tiny stairway though.

We'll be crusing by on the Spirit of New Jesey for my dad's 85th birthday this summer. I'll hollar!!