Monday, September 21, 2009

ExcerpTuesday Holli Castillo

A great blog welcome to author Holli Castillo who is posting an excerpt from her book, Gumbo Justice. Sounds Yummy!

Ryan finally walked over and aimed the flashlight on the body–a naked black man, with close-cropped hair and a scabbed-over scar on his chest. His hands were bound together in front of him with white rope, and his face was severely bruised, half of his lip split, hanging nearly to his chin. But the tiny hole in his forehead was the fatal wound. When he died, his bowels and bladder had relaxed. A small puddle of urine had spread out underneath him, and the proximate odor of feces was unmistakable.
Ryan knelt by the body for a closer look, careful not to touch anything. She almost hadn’t recognized him. She definitely hadn’t recognized the flat, vacant look in his eyes. Ryan had never seen the man without a cocky expression or an ominous warning look on his face. But then, she had never seen him dead before. He certainly wasn’t giving her the evil eye now.

I am an appellate public defender and former New Orleans prosecutor. I have been married for thirteen years, have two kids and one dog. I worked my way through law school as a child support collector and as a Can Can girl on Boubon Street while I earned my BA in Drama from UNO. Gumbo Justice is my first published novel, and is the first in the Crescent City Mystery Series. I also write screenplays.
I've never been to New Orleans, but I've always had a fascination about it. Holli's excerpt make me want to go there.
Thanks for stopping by Holli!

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Maryannwrites said...

Intriguing opening. Sounds like an excellent series.