Monday, September 28, 2009

ExcerpTuesday - Sunny Frazier

Welcome Sunny Frazier who has been gracious enough to share a piece of her latest novel Where Angels Fear with us.


The sharp click, click, click of her red spiked heels annoyed her, but not enough to slip them off. She paced the ten-foot-square room, careful to step over the loose floor board each time. Think, think, think her mind sang in accompaniment with her shoes. She wandered down a maze of possibilities, each time running into a dead end. There was no other solution. She picked up the cell phone hit speed dial.
"Wass up?" he answered, his usual greeting slurred by sleep.
"I need you."
"Baby, it's 2 a.m. Nobody needs nothing bad enough at this time of night."
"Cut the crap. I have another situation on my hands."
All sleepiness evaporated from his voice. "No, girl, you promised. You said it was an accident before and you'd be more careful."
"Stan, I don't need a lecture. I need a body bag. Get over here." She hit the off button and snapped the phone shut.
Sunny Frazier has been publishing both fiction and nonfiction since 1972. She is a Navy veteran, earned a BA in Journalism, and wrote for a newspaper before joining the Fresno County Sheriff's Department. During her 17 year career in law enforcement, 11 of them were spent working with an undercover narcotics team.
Frazier is also an amateur astrologer. She has been involved in astrology for 35 years.
Her short mystery fiction has won over 30 awards and trophies, as well as publication in mystery magazines and law enforcement magazines. Her first novel in the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries, FOOLS RUSH IN, received the Best Novel Award from Public Safety Writers Association. WHERE ANGELS FEAR came out in April, 2009.
Frazier is a member of the Central Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime, as well as the Public Safety Writers Association. She currently resides in Lemoore, CA.

Thanks for stopping by today Sunny.

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