Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ExcerpTuesday: Me, again!

Here's a bit from the next book out. Blonde Demolition.

The dream had come out of the blue for Cal Stedman.

     He didn’t put much stock in the everyday dreams people had, but he knew this one meant something. He wouldn’t even be home, but he’d been tired. More tired than he should have been.

     Maybe that’s why he dreamed.

     He lay alone in bed, having lost his wife five years ago. His bones ached from the physical labor of moving cinderblocks and putting up snow fencing around his beloved beer tent.

     The dream rolled around in his mind. A woman, one he had long forgotten in his consciousness, but not in his unconsciousness. He’d loved her as much as anyone could in his time. Too bad she’d left him when he went into the military.

     He shifted onto his side, noting that the darkness had fallen while he’d been asleep. The clock said midnight.

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