Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Author Rock Star Update

Last week my author rock stars were up to their usual shenanigans.

J. A. Konrath wrote about Ug and Zug's One Stop Wheel Shop.

Hmm could this be a metaphor for publishing?

In the year 3330BC...

After painstakingly hand-carving a wheel out of redwood--a process that took three months--longtime employee KOR rolls it over to his corporate masters, UG and ZUG, to show off his work.

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The Passive Voice has a great mashup of stories including Amazon and Cosmixology, and is the future of books paper?

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Marketing for Romance Writers Blog wrote about loglines this week.

This post is syndicated from Whitley Gray: The Logline--Who Needs It? How Can I Write One?

This is right up there with synopsis and query and cover letter. It’s the secret weapon that says you know what your story is about and can sum it up in one sentence. It’s the jewel you can memorize and blurt out at any time.

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This week Hugh Howey blogged about goals versus dreams.

My goal was to write and complete a single novel. My dream was to be an international bestselling author.

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