Monday, August 25, 2014

Time well spent?

Kathy L Wheeler

Ha! I don’t know the meaning of the word. TIME? What is that? Like sleep, I have no idea. Between a day job (technical writer), summer bootcamp coding class (javascript, express, node, mongo db), writing (four manuscripts underway), short story anthology online class (for next month), critique groups meetings (every other week), NBA Thunder basketball (season ticket holder, forty-three home games, not including playoffs), fantasy football (draft night coming up), OKC Broadway season tickets (starts Aug 29th—Phantom of the Opera!!!! CANNOT WAIT!), editing my stuff, critique partners stuff and various other chapter members requests, OK-Rwa), Burger night (every Wednesday), Martini club (every Friday). Well, I think you begin to see what I mean about time. House cleaning? Ha! I leave that to my husband these days. (I hope doesn’t read this.)

In fact, I’ve actually been cooking dinner since last November (I’m on a health kick). One day my husband stood in the doorway of our remodeled kitchen contemplating the fire beneath the skillet. After a few minutes, he said, “I know you’re not used to cooking with gas, but don’t you think that fire is a little high?” Perhaps he said that a while back. Now (almost every day) it’s “Is that fan on?” And he does regularly asks, “Is that fire too high?”

To my credit, I do not yell, and stomp out. No, I calmly reply, that he is right but if he isn’t careful I might quit cooking again in the near future anyway. Dinner usually goes smoothly after that. On occasion, I’ll just hand him the utensil and walk away.

So how do I manage all of these activities? I’m not quite sure, but somehow I do. I suppose each aspect: job, writing, burger night, martini club night, basketball, football, theater, karaoke (I forgot that one), writing, reading critiquing…get worked in because each activity I’m involved in are important to me. It helps, I suppose, that I don’t have small children about. All my family lives out of town, but I count myself very blessed with the many friends I have. And I do make time for them.

I suppose the point in this post is to give you a little insight to a full-time, tax-paying citizen who loves to read, write and sing. And perhaps leave you to contemplate how you manage all the tasks you consider essential to your life. I’m certain you realize that you will get done what you need to. That we all tend to make room for the things most important to us.

And that’s just fine!

Happy Reading!~~Kathy L Wheeler


Kathy L Wheeler (aka Kae Elle Wheeler) writes both contemporary and historical romance. She is a computer programmer and software expert by day. She is a member of several RWA chapters including The Beau Monde, DARA and has served several positions in her home chapter of the Oklahoma Romance Writers. She is an avid sports fan, theater buff, and loves to travel and sing karaoke.

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Diane Burton said...

Great post, Kathy. Making time for activities we enjoy is the key to a balanced life. Somehow, I've misplaced my key. LOL

Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

Your schedule is more packed than mine, but I love your statement that if the activities are important then you will make time for them. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy L Wheeler said...

Thank you, Diane and Linda. It's true, don't you think. We definitely make time for the things most important to us. If we don't get to them then they've slipped in priority...

Alicia Dean said...

I feel ya! I can attest to the truth of this post. You DO actually do all of that stuff. My schedule is almost as tight, and you are correct. If it's important to us, we'll make time. Period. Thanks for the reminder...see you next critique meeting/martini club night! :) (well, you won't be at MC Friday because you'll be going to see Phantom, and I'll be going to see Tony Lucca, but I'll see you soon!)

Kathy L Wheeler said...

Thank you for having me, Chris!

Jannine Gallant said...

I balance work and writing by writing at work. Boat ramp attendant--I write between boats. Hey, there's a reason I do that job! Also have kids sports activities and other events to go to. Less driving now that the oldest drives, but I still spend a lot of time in a car. And don't get me started on time spent on housework. You're right, though--we make it work! Great post!

Susan Coryell said...

Been there, done that. Any full-time working mother can surely relate to your blog! Retirement is bliss, I promise. Just learn to say "NO" to anything you are not completely yearning to do!
Thanks for a great post.

Unknown said...

Kathy, you amaze me. I'm fatigued just having read your itinerary! I do believe you're right--we make time for the important things. Balancing all of those priorities around a full-time job is not an easy task. A few things I ALWAYS find time for is kissing my husband hello, goodbye, and goodnight each and every day (25 years and counting), asking our 17-year-old daughter about her day, and loving on my little grandson several times per week. Writing time is a bonus, while housework time is getting shorter and shorter (hey, something's gotta go). Just happy to have another day to do it all over again.

RT Wolfe said...

Great post. Love it!
-R.T. Wolfe

M.J. Schiller, Romance Author said...

Ahh, Kathy! You're a gal after my own heart! Oklahoma isn't too far from Central Illinois, we'll have to karaoke together sometime. What do you sing? Right now my husband is downstairs drafting his fantasy football players. And I only clean when it gets a) embarrassing, or b) unsanitary...or if I can't find anything. I always feel like someone is getting the short stick, though. I'm blessed to have church friends, work friends, friends from my husband's work, writing friends, old friends, new friends, red friends, blue friends...and I love doing things with all of them, it just doesn't seem possible at times. Thanks for sharing your busy schedule with us. It makes mine seem almost tame.