Sunday, August 2, 2015

Desiree Holt: Forward Pass (Game ON: Book One)

Football has been my passion for such a long time. It wasn’t always so. Oh, since college I have cheered for my team, the University of Michigan Wolverines, but it wasn’t until I read a book called How To Watch a Football Game that I actually became obsessed with the game. I mean, really obsessed! From September through January, every weekend you can find me glued to my television (sometimes two) watching this gladiator sport. My friends have learned I don’t answer phone calls, texts or even emails.

When I moved to Texas I discovered another dimension to the world of football: high school football, which is probably the biggest religion in the state. You know the program Friday Night Lights? That only scratched the surface. On any given Friday night, in a town that boasts a high school football team, you know where you’ll find the population: under the Friday night lights.

The world of football is a complex one. As the players move from high school to college to the pros, they are idolized, adored, promoted, all the things that can easily turn their heads. The late dean of sportswriters, Grantland Rice, dubbed it the world of the tumult and the shouting and he was so right.

But what happens to those players when “the tumult and the shouting” dies down? What do they do with the rest of their lives? And if their retirement from the football field is forced by an injury rather than being voluntary, how do they handle it?

In my brand new series Game On I follow the lives of a high school championship team fifteen years after they win that last trophy. Where are they? What are they doing? How do they survive when their lives change so dramatically?

Forward Pass is the story of Joe Reilly, quarterback with golden hands, forced out by an injury. For Joe, a major player with the ladies, it was a drastic fall to earth. But he’s found a new niche for himself and is successfully building a new life, until two women from his past have a major impact, one who has always loved him and one who threatens his newfound success.

Shay Beckham grew up idolizing her brother’s best friend, star quarterback Joe Reilly. There was no one in their Texas town who had the moves to match Joe on or off the field. Years later, he’s still a player who has what it takes to drive any hot-blooded woman wild. But Shay isn’t a kid with a bad case of hero-worship anymore. She’s grown-up and independent, with her feet on the ground and a serious head on her shoulders. If she could just say the same for Joe.

It’s been fifteen years, but Joe Reilly hasn’t forgotten the skinny little kid who used to follow him around like a shadow. What he can’t get over is that the skinny shadow has grown into one hell of an incredible woman. One any man in his right mind would kill to get his hands on. And one who seems to be completely immune to him. He knows he and Shay could have something special together. If he could only convince her he’s about more than just the game.


Known the world over as The Oldest Living Erotic Romance Author, Desiree Holt Has won an EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and many other awards. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The London Daily Mail and numerous other national and international publications

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