Friday, August 1, 2008

Jerry Trainor of ICarly

This may be an odd choice for some for a Friday Hunk, but I have a soft spot for nerdy, artsy guys. Jerry Trainor is from a Nickelodeon show called ICarly. He is the guardian for his little sister Carly of the show's name.
He's an artist and a pretty cool brother. It is one of those shows I can watch with my kids.
This guys seems like he's having so much fun with the role of Spencer. He gets to be wacky, but still be the grownup who helps Carly through some normal teenage problems. The show isn't deep like an Afterschool Special, but it still can teach. It does lead to conversations with my kids sometimes.
And it looks like so much fun to shoot the show.
The other reason I like Spencer is he's a sock fanatic. Like I am. I don't have any that flash, but I'm working on finding them.
Plus, I've written a few manuscripts with nerds in them that I'm shopping around right now.
One I'm writing actually involves a webcast in it so it has been fun researching how that is done.
So maybe my pic is odd, but it makes sense to me.
Nerds rule the world.


Rebecca said...

4:23 a.m., Chris? Really?
Okay, here's my nominee for Friday Hunk--Michael Weatherly, plays Tony DiNozzo on "NCIS" Check him out.


Lynette Hall Hampton said...

Chirs, I've always heard that mothers should teach their kids to be nice to the nerds in school because one day they will have to work for them.

Chris Redding said...

Guess what.
My sons are those nerds other kids should be nice to.
When my sons and husband have debats about infrared red versus ultraviolet and things like that, I just chuckle and remember that Far Side comic.
Nerd and his nerdlings.
But they are my nerds and I love them!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Chris,
You can have good looking nerds. I am surre if we racked our bfains we could come up with a few.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Lynette Hampton's comment cracked me up.

Elaine Cantrell

dyann hunter said...

Hi Chris,

I noticed Jerry on your blog and had to say something. My boyfriend's daughter was watching ICarly the other day and I actually stopped in front of the TV and said "Who's that!? He's pretty hot!" I immediately loved the way he interacted with the kids and was so quirky. I wish he was my guardian ;-) Hmmm...I feel kinda dirty saying that about him.